Baby Boom Challenge 01

Household Status:

Chad De Rolo – Dad, Young Adult

Lenore De Rolo – Mom. Young Adult

So I joined the ranks and decided to start my own Baby Boom challenge. Where we have to have 12 girls and 12 boys. You can find the rules here.

So let me introduce Lenore and Chad De Rolo. Lenore is a sim I created and she is Family oriented, Creative, and Neat. And Lenore’s husband Chad, whom I downloaded from the gallery he is created by Deligracy (the only things I changed about Chad was two of his traits, his aspiration, some of his clothes, and I gave him a tatoo), is Music lover, Ambitious, and Family Oriented. Leonor’s aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire and Chad’s aspiration is Mixologist. The last name De Rolo is from a D&D show Critical Role.

11-19-17_3-59-10 PMThe De Rolo’s house sits on the 60×60 lot in Brindleton Bay. Chad, being an ambitious sim, looked for a job right away and got hired as an assistant dishwasher.

11-19-17_4-00-32 PMLenore couldn’t wait to start painting on the easel her husband gave her when they moved into their new house.

11-19-17_4-01-04 PMNot wanting to be an assistant dishwasher long Chad was eager to improve his skills as fast as he could; though his fingers suffered for it.

11-19-17_4-02-17 PMThough the couple was eager to start their family Chad and Lenore decided to wait a little bit longer. And make the house a little bit more presentable before bringing their children into it.

11-19-17_4-04-57 PMTheir next door neighbors, the Delgados, gave the couple a warm welcome into the neighborhood.

11-19-17_4-19-14 PMOne of the milestones Chad needs to achieve is making 10 drinks, so here he is making 10 glasses of water.

11-19-17_4-21-02 PMLenore tries her hand at cooking. She actually made a pretty decent mac and cheese dish.

11-19-17_4-26-31 PMI was going to wait longer before they tried for a baby, but Lenore rolled a wish to try and who am I to say no. Unfortunately the couple was unsuccessful and Chad had to go to work so they couldn’t try again right away.

11-19-17_4-32-43 PMThis put Lenore in a depressed state. She painted her first emotion painting. Which she needs to do 2 more emotion paintings for her current milestone so this turned out to be advantageous, sadly.

11-19-17_4-53-41 PMThough Chad hasn’t gotten a promotion yet they were able to afford, mostly from Lenore’s paintings, to by him the cheapest bar.

11-19-17_5-04-59 PMLenore decided to go to the local museum to help her get her mind off her depression and get more inspiration for new paintings.

11-19-17_5-14-12 PMWhen she got home from the museum Lenore decided it was time to try again. And this time it was a success! Baby #1 is on it’s way!

11-19-17_5-22-02 PMLater that night a mysterious visitor brakes into Chad and Lenore’s house.

11-19-17_5-22-49 PMThe visitor took advantage of a sleeping Chad and mesmerized him so he could take Chad’s blood.

11-19-17_5-23-28 PMThis left Chad sleep deprived.

11-19-17_5-28-42 PMLadies and Gentlemen Lenore painted her first masterpiece! I sold it of course, I can’t remember the exact price but it was around 1200.

11-19-17_5-44-44 PMI was able to put in flooring and paint the walls. It’s not much but it’s starting to look less sparse and more like a home.

11-19-17_5-49-59 PMThis picture is just to show off Lenore’s cute little baby bump.

head diswasherAnd a promotions for Chad!

11-19-17_5-58-18 PMWith Chad’s promotion and Lenore’s paintings I was able to add a room.

11-19-17_6-14-13 PMPoor Lenore has been working so hard to sell her paintings, so she can get the house in order before the baby arrives, that her needs have plummeted.

11-19-17_6-37-30 PMLenore’s labor face. I sent her to the hospital alone; and I figured she would get the mood bonus but she didn’t. 😦

11-19-17_6-39-34 PMMeet baby girl Bailey De Rolo! I think I’m going to switch from the B naming theme in the rules to the (H T T P S B O O L P R O P N E T I N D E X P H P) naming theme suggestion on Boolprop as an alternative naming theme. I just don’t think I can handle 12+ kids with B names.

Anyway that’s it for this chapter. Short and sweet. I think most chapters for this challenge are going to be short, but when more kids are born the chapters might get a little bit longer so we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 01

  1. Livvielove says:

    What a great start! Your couple is super cute! I love getting to see the little details of their lives! Poor Lenore – that labor face made me feel for her! I can’t wait to see how the kids grow up – they’re going to be gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fiona Dunn says:

    I love how the house is looking 🙂 and Lenore got a masterpiece so quick! With my TS4 painters it always takes them a moon to get a masterpiece (especially when I need it for the aspiration!!)

    I predict some cute babies 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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