Baby Boom Challenge 02


Chad – Dad, Young Adult

Lenore – Mom, Young Adult

Bailey – Girl #1, Baby

11-29-17_7-56-40 PM

Welcome back to Lenore and Chad’s baby boomer challenge. Lenore here is taking a break from painting to fix the leaky sink.  Last time Lenore and Chad had their first child and first daughter Bailey. And from this point on in the challenge I’m going to do the HTTPSBOOLPROPNETINDEXPHP naming theme.

11-29-17_7-50-15 PMLenore just reached level 9 in the painting skill. Lenore is a creative sim, and I also have Natural light as one of my house traits at the moment. Lenore is pretty much stuck to the easel.

11-29-17_7-51-24 PMChad is also making strides in his career and is now a Caterer.

11-29-17_7-59-38 PMLenore just painted another masterpiece! Which means I can buy the family some upgrades for the house.

Like a nicer bar for Chad and a computer. When Lenore is done with the painting aspiration she is going for best selling author. And I also have the money making trash can; a must for every sim household.

11-29-17_8-06-52 PMLenore is on the final tier of the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

When Chad isn’t cooking up a storm in the kitchen he is on daddy duty.

11-29-17_9-07-15 PMAnd of course what y’all have been really waiting for…toddler Bailey!

11-29-17_9-15-03 PMHere she is post makeover! She has Lenore’s eye color and I think her dad’s mouth, but it’s hard to tell at this stage. She has the independent trait. I’m just going to cycle through all of the toddler traits so we’ll get to see all of them before the challenge is over. I just thought I’d start with the easy one first!

11-29-17_9-16-35 PMStory time! I try and have Lenore or Chad read to Bailey as much as I can. It does build up her imagination skill while they read to her.

11-29-17_9-25-48 PMAnd even though Bailey is independent and can go potty on her own right from the start I had Lenore potty train her.

11-29-17_9-28-07 PMAnother promotion for Chad!

12-01-17_8-21-46 AMLenore cleaning the computer; which I think only neat sims can do like mop up puddles on grass.

12-01-17_8-22-48 AMAn incoming portrait for Chad. I wanted him to face the easel, but I think this will turn out nicely.

12-01-17_8-24-04 AMThese two get busy making baby #2.

12-01-17_8-24-37 AMWith all the painting Lenore does it brings in a lot of money, so I indulged Lenore in buying this play structure for Bailey and the future De Rolo children.

Be warned the next few slides are cute Toddler spam!

12-01-17_8-24-56 AM12-01-17_8-25-01 AM12-01-17_8-25-04 AM12-01-17_8-25-06 AM

12-01-17_8-26-17 AM.pngBaby #2 will be with us soon!

12-01-17_8-26-59 AMChad is really happy with this development, but I don’t know what he is pointing to.

12-01-17_8-29-10 AMAnother cute toddler moment brought to you by Bailey and her doll. I just noticed this but the dolls look like mySims characters.

12-01-17_8-37-59 AM Chad has to serve 3 drinks a one social gathering, so he invited the only people he knows to his party the Delgato’s. I think I spelled their name wrong in the last post.

And this party is off to a great start with Chad setting himself on fire (said with much sarcasm). Luckily he was able to put the fire out.

12-01-17_8-47-13 AMIt looks like Chad set himself on fire again, but looks can be deceiving. He is just adding another log to the fire.  This party’s only success is that Chad made is required three drinks however we didn’t get any prizes for the party challenge.

12-01-17_8-57-36 AM.pngChad’s portrait is done. I have to say I like the portraits better in the Sims 3 than I do in the sims 4.


12-01-17_8-58-38 AMChad gets started on his painting skill so he can paint Lenore’s portrait.

12-01-17_8-58-59 AMAnd while Chad is using the easel Lenore gets a jumpstart on her writing skill.

And Bailey is of course being adorable. She too is working hard on her Toddler skills.

12-01-17_9-06-01 AMChad has become quite proficient in the mixology skill.

12-01-17_9-13-37 AMMother and daughter bonding time.

Lenore wanted to paint a mural and since I haven’t done one in this game yet I indulged her.

This is what happens when toddlers use their imagination when playing with the toddler play structure! I haven’t bought one of these before because they are expensive and take up a lot of room, but it’s so worth it.

12-01-17_10-30-17 AMLenore’s finished mural. I eventually moved it outside cause you can’t place anything on it and it was taking up floor space.

12-01-17_10-33-29 AM.pngFather, daughter bonding time. I imagine when they have more kids they might not have a lot of time for this.

12-01-17_10-44-44 AMYou can’t tell from this picture but Lenore is in labor.

Lenore: Must finish cleaning the sink first.

12-01-17_11-08-22 AM.pngMeet baby girl #2 Hero! Hero’s name is from the Shakespeare play Much Ado about Nothing.

Bailey meeting Hero for the first time and she is happy she has a little sister! I think I will end the post here.

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