Baby Boom Challenge 03


Chad – Dad, Young Adult

Lenore – Mom, Young Adult

Bailey – Girl #1, Toddler

Hero – Girl #2, Baby

That’s right Ladies and Gents two posts in one day!

12-01-17_11-10-46 AM.pngDad teaching Bailey how to talk to raise her communication skill.

12-01-17_9-31-06 PMHere are Bailey’s skills currently.

12-01-17_10-00-00 PMAnd another promotion for Chad! He is getting close to the Mixology branch of the culinary career, and thus closer to completing his aspiration!

Dance party!

12-01-17_10-15-37 PMLenore completes her first aspiration! Now on to best selling author. I sold that painting because it’s creeping me out. I’ve sold all but one painting that Lenore has made.

12-01-17_9-28-33 AM.pngThis one. Eventually I will keep more of her paintings, but the house still needs work and with more kids coming we need to by beds and more toys.

Bailey surveying her land.

12-02-17_4-47-25 PMAnd Hero becomes a toddler! She has the inquisitive trait. She wears mostly pink because I wanted to match her hair bows.

I can’t take how cute theses kids are!

12-02-17_5-01-17 PMAnd it’s also Bailey’s birthday!

Lenore: Oh, my baby’s growing up!

Lenore looked so shocked at Bailey growing up and then super happy.  She’s going to have many more moments like this in this challenge for sure!

12-02-17_5-05-37 PM.pngHero does a really good impression of a drunken sailor.

12-02-17_5-20-31 PM.pngBailey is a bookworm she also has the happy toddler trait, and her aspiration is Whiz kid. I used a trait randomizer because if it were left up to me I probably pick all good traits and never the bad ones.

And it wasn’t until I was looking through the pictures that I realized I accidently changed Bailey’s hair color from brown to black. Next time I’m playing I’ll change it back.

12-02-17_5-29-10 PMSo with Lenore completing her aspiration and Chad having a few promotions lets us expand the house a little bit. I turned Lenore and Chand’s bedroom into a study room and bumped out the window.

12-02-17_5-29-22 PM.pngUpstairs we have the kids room which is bare-bones right now but hopefully we’ll get it decorated.

12-02-17_5-30-30 PMI used the copy tool in build mode to copy Lenore and Chad’s bedroom and move it upstairs. That view though is amazing.

12-02-17_5-37-08 PM

The house so far. The round roof is a little off kilter but I’m really bad with building and the house isn’t done so most likely it will get fixed at some point.

12-02-17_5-40-24 PM.pngI didn’t catch Hero throwing her food on the floor but here is the aftermath. Another reason not to use high chairs.

12-02-17_5-52-13 PM.pngLenore: Time to go potty.

Hero: No!

Lenore: What do you mean No? We’re going potty young lady!

I can tell Hero is going to be a handful.

12-02-17_5-55-29 PM.pngChad autonomously cleaning is  amazing! Or maybe he knows his wife is a clean freak so he bit the bullet so she wouldn’t bite his head off later.

12-02-17_6-03-37 PM.pngOh look at that! Baby #3 is on it’s way!

Teaching moments brought to you by broccoli. Looks like Hero isn’t to thrilled with the card her dad pulled.

12-02-17_6-10-07 PM Study break!

12-02-17_6-16-06 PM.pngLenore helping Bailey fulfill part of her aspiration.

12-02-17_6-31-43 PMNo one was electrocuted in the making of this chapter.

12-02-17_6-37-50 PM.pngBailey needs to play chess three times for her aspiration so I got her a chess table.

12-02-17_7-00-43 PMChad completed Lenore’s portrait. 12-02-17_8-18-50 PM.pngGot a workout machine cause eventually we’ll get to the bodybuilder aspiration.

12-02-17_8-23-57 PM.pngLabor pains!

I decide Lenore should do a home birth this time around. Anyway meet baby boy #1 Taliesin  De Rolo.

12-02-17_8-34-01 PM.pngHero isn’t pleased with this development, and neither is Bailey. Both were unimpressed with their baby brother.

12-02-17_9-05-19 PM.png Chad reached level 5 in the culinary career and is now Head Mixologist! I think he only has one more tier to go until he completes his aspiration.

12-02-17_9-17-34 PM.pngThe completed upstairs bathroom.

I will leave you here with Hero playing in the ball pit. Sorry this chapter is a bit choppy. I’m still trying to figure out a good flow for this challenge.



3 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 03

  1. somebodysangel13 says:

    I love that you’re using the circles and different picture presentation types, it makes the posts look different.
    Hero is also adorable, though I’m a bit sad her skin went so much lighter when she aged up to toddler. As a baby she looked more like her father’s skintone. Stupid EA and their whitewashing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. snazzle says:

    Taliesin. That’s a total guilty pleasure name of mine. Like.. would have considered it for one of my own three real life boys if it was just me who had a say in their names. LOL Can’t wait to see how he turns out. Both of the girls have been adorable so far!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Livvielove says:

    Congrats on your first boy, also no need to apologize, you’re doing great!
    The house is *gorgeous* you’ve got some great building skills on you! I just love seeing you decorate and fill the house up with both beautiful babies and beautiful furniture!

    Liked by 1 person

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