Chapter 1.9: Messes and Fails

Hey we’re back! Not a whole lot happened last time other than a few birthdays the twins, Elias and Winter, became teens, Ryder became a child and a new addition, Wash, was added to the family.

10-29-17_10-14-34 PM.pngWith a full house there is bound to be messes to clean up. Miko to the rescue! Luckily I don’t have any slob sims so everyone eventually pitches in.

10-29-17_10-15-46 PM.pngClaire: Hugs!

Some sister bonding time in the bathroom of course because my ISBI sims love to hang out in the bathroom.

10-29-17_10-16-55 PM.pngI love how different the kids look this generation so far. Elias takes after Max in looks mostly though he definitely has his mother’s cheeks and chin.

Between Aunt Lucy and tantruming kids/toddlers/teens these toys really get abused. Luckily Max fixed them.

10-29-17_10-31-34 PM.pngGood as new. Ryder don’t destroy it this time okay.

10-29-17_10-36-30 PM.pngI forget why I got a grill but I think Max wanted to grill some hot dogs.

Elias didn’t have much luck with the grill. I was getting worried the fire would claim somebody because I couldn’t get Max to put out the fire for, what seemed like, several minutes.

10-29-17_10-52-47 PM.pngRyder: Agh…stupid project! I hate school!

10-29-17_10-53-24 PM.pngElias: Damit Ryder that was my project! How dare you!

10-29-17_10-53-31 PM.pngElias: Now my perfect grades will be ruined.

Elias is a straight A student and is generally the first one to do his homework.

10-29-17_10-53-35 PM.pngMax: I am disappointed in you young lady! You are going to clean this up and apologize to your brother!

10-29-17_10-56-44 PM.pngIt’s Claire’s birthday!

10-29-17_11-04-26 PM.pngClaire received the insane trait and is a Rambunctious Scamp. Only three sims have had the insane trait in this family Jude, Lucy, and now Claire.

10-29-17_11-42-36 PM.pngAnd it’s also Max’s adult birthday.

10-29-17_11-43-01 PM.pngHe is not pleased. 10-29-17_11-44-19 PM.pngElias: You know I think I could see myself having one of these in the future.

For this generation instead of putting names in a random generator to determine the heir I’m going to put a poll on boolprop and have the people vote, but not until Elias and Winter are Young adults.

10-29-17_11-46-35 PM.pngMax: Well hello there sexy wife of mine.

Miko: We are not having more kids Max.

Max: I wasn’t going to even sugest it.

I gave Miko a little makeover.

10-30-17_9-42-41 PM.pngAnd speaking of makeovers I decided to build a new house for the Moons all the way in Windenburg.

10-30-17_9-43-12 PM.pngHere is an over view. I still need a room for the heir, but I think I will build that when we deturmine who that is going to be.

10-30-17_9-43-30 PM.pngThe new kitchen.

10-30-17_9-43-41 PM.pngI’ll probably move the living room around, but for now this is it.

10-30-17_9-43-59 PM.pngDinning room.

10-30-17_9-44-15 PM.pngThe study is a little bare, but the house is a work in progress.

10-30-17_9-45-37 PM.pngMaster Bedroom.

10-30-17_9-46-57 PM.pngAnd the play room. The kids rooms are not much more then beds at the moment so I wont show them off as of yet.

10-30-17_9-53-26 PM.pngAnd it’s already Wash’s birthday.

10-30-17_9-58-59 PM.pngHere he is. He rolled fussy as his trait so we will see how that goes. So Elias is the only one who has Jude’s green eyes this generaiton.

10-30-17_10-11-16 PM.pngSimply adorable, but I say that about all my toddlers.

10-30-17_10-13-57 PM.pngIt’s project time again. I believe Winter finishes her project.

10-30-17_10-19-56 PM.pngTwin picture! This pictue will have to be redone when Winter isn’t sick.

10-30-17_10-31-25 PM.pngLuckily I was able to take one not long after. I just had Winter drink some tea and she cleared right up!

10-30-17_10-37-46 PM.pngHere it is on the wall.

10-30-17_10-54-47 PM.pngWho broke it this time!? This thing is constantly getting smashed!

10-31-17_11-18-26 AM.pngMax was out doing something for work when Rocky’s wife appered. The red-head behind Max is his twin brother Rocky’s wife her name is Mizuki Hayashi Moon. Rocky and Mizuki have twins as well Harley, a girl, and Dorian, a boy.

10-31-17_11-25-20 AM.pngBoth Winter and Elias wanted to pick up Wash.

Wash: Guys there can be only one!

My little Highlander reference there.

10-31-17_11-40-08 AM.pngMax got a promotion. Since Max can’t compete his aspiration until one of his kids gets married and has kids of their own he is pretty focused on his work.

10-31-17_11-46-11 AM.pngWash is just as bad as Ryder was at making a mess.

11-05-17_5-24-40 PM.pngIn the morining he is at it again.

11-05-17_5-26-16 PM.pngMax this time decides a different approch is needed. He has used strict and firm in the past and now a hug out.

11-05-17_5-49-21 PM.pngPoor Miko did not make it to the bathroom, so self-wetting fail #8.

11-05-17_5-58-38 PM.pngElias brought this girl home from school. I don’t remember her name but I quite like the look of her.

11-05-17_6-03-34 PM.pngPoor Miko exausted from work. Pass out fail #5.

11-05-17_6-10-01 PM.pngPass out #6

11-05-17_6-10-41 PM.png#7

11-05-17_6-12-58 PM.png#8

11-06-17_11-55-30 AM.pngI will leave you here with this adorable mother son moment. Maybe by the end of next chapter we will be able to do an heir poll!

Self-Wetting: 8(-5) = -40
Pass Out: 8 = (-5) -40
Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0
Accidental Deaths : (-10)
Fires : (-10)
Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 4(+5)= 20
Twins : 2(+10)= 20
Triplets : (+15)
Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 6 (+5)= 30
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 1(+10)= 10
Skills maxed by NTH family members : (+10)
NTH children earning an A in school :1 (+5)=5
NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 1(+10)= 10
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : (+20)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 1(+5)= 5

Total: 36

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