Baby Boom Challenge 04


Chad− Dad, Young Adult

Lenore− Mom, Young Adult

Bailey− Girl #1, Child

Hero− Girl #2, Toddler

Taliesin− Boy #1, Baby

Welcome back! This chapter is going to be a bit long. I had enough for one chapter but not enough for two.

12-10-17_4-30-38 PM.pngBailey is still working on her Whiz Kid aspiration. She is on the last tier, she has to make 3 emotion potions and reach level 10 in the mental skill.

12-10-17_4-31-08 PM.png Here are Hero’s skills so far.

12-10-17_4-42-01 PM.pngIs baby #4 on it’s way?

12-10-17_5-03-20 PM.pngWhy yes, yes it is!

12-10-17_4-44-43 PM.pngJust a cute picture of Bailey relaxing in the tub.

12-10-17_4-58-27 PM.pngSo we were able to afford a tv and a couch.

12-10-17_4-58-52 PM.pngAnd since I recently got spa day the family now has a yoga mat and a meditation mat.

12-10-17_5-05-15 PM.pngChad downs the first youth potion this challenge.

12-10-17_5-05-31 PM.pngSince she is preggers Lenore is only able to do the greeting pose. Which I find weird because pregnant sims can box and run on the treadmill, at least up till their third trimester. Surely those activities are more strenuous than yoga!

12-10-17_5-07-07 PM.pngA lesson in movement and momentum. Brought to you by parents play with kids!

12-10-17_5-10-38 PM.pngSome mama alone time before the third baby comes.

12-10-17_5-28-54 PM.pngTaliesin is such a little charmer!

12-10-17_5-46-18 PM.pngFinally I got a toddler up to level five in a skill! I need to have Lenore do more toddler training since she already completed her first aspiration.

12-10-17_5-48-32 PM.pngCute siblings are….adorable!

12-10-17_5-50-08 PM.pngTime for Hero to join her sister in childhood!

12-10-17_6-05-35 PM.pngAnd what an adorable child she is! She is a music lover, just like dad. And her aspiration is social butterfly.

12-10-17_6-20-23 PM.png Chad is making strides in his career!

Lenore helps her daughter out with a school project. Bailey maxed out her mental skill.

12-10-17_6-37-45 PM.pngNext time on WHEN TODDLERS ATTACK!

12-10-17_6-38-00 PM.pngJust kidding all is sweetness and light!

12-10-17_7-39-36 PM.pngHero being creative. But sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

12-10-17_7-45-35 PM.png Bailey completed her aspiration! Her next aspiration is Social butterfly just cause her social skill is her next highest skill.

12-10-17_8-19-51 PM.png Kitchen upgrade.

12-10-17_8-39-47 PM.png First medicine of the challenge! I’m not really that excited about it, but Bailey wanted some medicine, and by golly I give my sims what they want! (most of the time….)

12-10-17_8-43-51 PM.png Okay you guys baby #4 is about to be here!

12-10-17_8-45-33 PM.pngMeet Baby # 4 Tova!

12-10-17_8-46-45 PM.pngHero seems pleased with the new addition to the family.

12-10-17_10-05-28 PM.pngHowever Bailey is not impressed.

12-10-17_11-00-13 PM.pngAnd since this is a challenge baby #5 is on it’s way!

12-10-17_11-02-22 PM.pngSisters 4 life!

12-10-17_11-04-09 PM.pngThese two are up to something, aren’t they?

12-10-17_11-20-40 PM.pngTime flys and soon Tova is a toddler. She is the lucky recipient of the clingy trait.

12-16-17_11-10-33 AM.pngTaliesin welcomes is little sis to toddlerhood.

12-16-17_11-17-21 AM.pngBestfriends! Hero has completed one of the tasks for social butterfly.

12-16-17_11-37-53 AM.pngTime sure does fly and soon it’s Bailey’s birthday.

12-16-17_11-55-35 AM.png This cutie patootie also received the music lover trait. Her adult aspiration is bodybuilder.

12-16-17_11-58-38 AM.pngBailey and Hero go to the gym to work on their respective aspirations.

12-16-17_11-59-51 AM.png  Hero is making friends with Darling Walsh. Darling becomes Hero’s first adult friend.

12-16-17_12-40-12 PM.pngIt’s Taliesin’s turn at being a child next.

12-16-17_12-46-34 PM.png And what a dapper young gentleman he is! His trait is neat and his aspiration is social butterfly.

12-16-17_1-13-21 PM.png I know I haven’t mentioned Chad that much this chapter. He is still around I promise, just quite busy leveling up in his mixology skill.

12-16-17_1-18-06 PM.png Chad helping Bailey with a school project.

12-16-17_1-35-35 PM.png Keep those promotions coming Chad!

12-16-17_1-38-41 PM.pngLenore in labor with baby #5

12-16-17_1-40-23 PM.pngEveryone meet baby # 5 and boy #2, Peter De Rolo!

12-16-17_7-11-50 PM.pngBailey is rather awesome, she earns an A!

12-16-17_11-42-58 PM.pngTova and Chad being awesome. 12-10-17_8-50-46 PM.pngLenore finally gets to do some actual yoga!

12-17-17_12-43-21c2a0am.pngPeter is the first child to get his father’s hair color. He received the fussy trait.

12-17-17_12-48-04 AM.pngLenore and Chad go for baby # 6, but were unsuccessful. 😦

12-17-17_12-49-44 AM.pngHero giving a big sister hug to her baby bro.

12-17-17_12-52-48 AM.png Bailey completed her first tier of the bodybuilder aspiration, and is now working on tier 2!

So that’s it for the super long chapter. I think next time I will make it shorter. Until next time happy simming!


5 thoughts on “Baby Boom Challenge 04

  1. Livvielove says:

    Look at you go! All the babies are so adorable, and growing up to be lovely adults! Peter looks super adorable, despite being fussy! I hope he doesn’t give you too much trouble!


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