Baby Boom Challenge 05


Chad → Dad, Young Adult

Lenore → Mom, Young Adult

Bailey → Girl #1, Teen

Hero → Girl #2, Child

Taliesin → Boy #1, Child

Tova → Girl #3, Toddler

Peter → Boy #2, Toddler

12-23-17_3-33-34 PM.pngPeter: Welcome back everybody! We’ve missed you!

A very eloquent toddler.

12-23-17_3-37-23 PM.pngPoor tyke is tuckered out, he couldn’t even make it to his bed a few feet away.

12-23-17_3-43-12 PM.pngHey, you know what this means! We have a success! Baby #6 is on it’s way. And then we will have a full house.

12-23-17_8-12-44 PM.pngHero working on her school project. I can’t remember if she completes this on or not.

12-23-17_8-30-17 PM.pngBailey is still working on her aspiration. She is actually doing quite well, though I find the bodybuilder aspirations one of the easier ones.

Spamed hugging the huge stuffed animal a couple of times and Peter is now maxed out in the communication skill.

01-02-18_5-00-51 PM.png And in other achievement news Chad has maxed out the Mixology skill and completed his aspiration! He is now doing the Computer Whiz aspiration.

A little makeover of the living room and dining room. I also moved the stairs over, I think this gives a better flow to the house.

01-02-18_5-08-44 PM.pngBailey doing a victory dance. She is a straight A student after all.

01-02-18_5-16-43 PM.pngPeter is hangry (hangry + angry). It does look like Lenore is reaching for his food and he’s all “Hands off you got your own bowl!”

01-02-18_5-23-59 PM.png Tova follows in her younger brother’s footsteps and maxes out her communication skill.

01-02-18_5-25-16 PM.png Bailey pretty much does school work and works on her aspiration. She does get a lovely view of the ocean though while she works.

Since Hero and Taliesin have the same aspiration they go to the park to work on them. Hero is able to complete hers and Taliesin is on his second tier.

01-02-18_6-05-35 PM.png Before Tova ages into a child here are her toddler skills.

01-02-18_6-20-32 PM.png Tova is a Music lover, just like her older siblings and she is an artistic prodigy. She actually rolled Social Butterfly, but since Hero and Taliesin are working on it I decided to haver Tova do something different.

01-02-18_6-57-04 PM.png It also happens to be Hero’s birthday.

01-02-18_7-19-43 PM.png Hero got the creative skill added to her repertoire and she wants to be a Joke Star which means she is also gregarious.

01-02-18_7-26-15 PM.pngBailey is now at her peak fitness level all she has to do is reach level 10 in fitness. However she has like 4-5 days left till she is a Young Adult so I’m not sure she will complete her aspiration before she moves out.

01-02-18_7-26-33 PM.pngShe is just so gorgeous!

Taliesin gets invited over to his friend Seji’s house. They didn’t reach BFF status but they are good friends.

01-02-18_7-39-12 PM.png When Taliesin gets back home Lenore is in labor.

01-02-18_7-48-01 PM Meet baby girl Scarlett. She is the fourth girl born to Lenore and Chad. We are almost halfway done with the girls. Come on boys you have some catching up to do!

01-02-18_7-56-10 PM.pngWe come back home to Hero working on her comedic skills.

01-02-18_10-54-43 PM.png I just love this interaction!

01-02-18_10-59-28 PM.png A father son moment.

01-02-18_11-00-54 PM.pngIt’s project time again.

01-02-18_11-04-38 PM.pngOh dear, Hero is in a mood swing. And Hey look, her notebook matches her sweater!

01-02-18_11-05-49 PM.pngSince we have to wait for Bailey to move out in order to have more babies Lenore focuses on her well being.

01-03-18_7-24-11 AM.pngCleaning together makes the familial bonds stronger.

01-03-18_7-24-32 AM.png Hero’s friend from school decides to help out with baby duty.

01-03-18_7-27-00 AM.pngTaliesin completed the castle and Hero made the robot.

01-03-18_7-36-07 AM.pngBest Friends Forever! I took this picture after they finished hugging and it looks like Taliesin is going in for a hug and Seji’s all “I don’t do hugs man”

01-03-18_7-38-29 AM.pngBailey’s pretty excited about finishing her project. It goes on display with the other projects.

01-03-18_7-47-19 AM.pngWe end this post with Scarlett’s birthday. She is a wild child.

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