Baby Boom Challenge 06

Chad → Dad, Young Adult

Lenore → Mom, Young Adult

Bailey → Girl #1, Teen

Hero → Girl #2, Teen

Taliesin → Boy #1, Child

Tova → Girl #3, Child

Peter → Boy #2, Toddler

Scarlett → Girl #4, Toddler

01-18-18_9-50-14 AM.pngWe start off this chapter with a FIRE!

01-18-18_9-50-25 AM.pngDon’t worry, Big sis Hero to the rescue!

01-18-18_10-31-14 AM.pngUpdated kitchen. I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I’ll get there….hopefully.

01-18-18_10-34-58 AM.pngBailey invites her friend Chad over for some stargazing.

01-18-18_10-48-56 AM.pngLenore wanted a basketball hoop so I obliged her, and Taliesin is practicing his b-ball skillz.

01-18-18_10-56-14 AM.pngIt’s time for Peter to become a child!

01-18-18_11-08-16 AM.pngHere he is, so far he looks a lot like Taliesin. He is a rambunctious scamp with the gloomy trait, which I think fits with his toddler fussy trait.

01-18-18_11-10-59 AM.pngPeter: Arg! I’m the Dread Pirate Peter the scourge of the seven seas!

Peter finished his first Milestone, yay!

01-18-18_11-30-46 AM.png Promotion! I think when Chad is done with his current aspiration I will have Lenore go to work and Chad be a stay at home dad.

01-18-18_11-31-58 AM.png Look at those guns!

01-18-18_12-00-22 PM.pngBailey’s first kiss! How romantic there is a stinky bowl in the room.

01-18-18_12-02-04 PM.pngBefore Chad has a chance to escape home I have Bailey ask him to be her boyfriend. He said yes by the way. I wasn’t until much later that I realized both her boyfriend and her dad had the same first name.

01-21-18_4-56-04 PM.pngThe bathroom is a mess, but hey we now have laundry!

01-21-18_4-59-25 PM.pngFirst load of the game!

01-21-18_5-31-36 PM.pngLenore’s first youth potion.

01-21-18_5-34-31 PM.pngBailey: Hey bea, it’s my birthday you wanna come over to celebrate!

01-21-18_5-39-38 PM.pngBut first we age up Chad. I just love his expression!

01-21-18_5-40-34 PM.pngNext up is our birthday girl!

Before I give the couple a makeover Bailey proposes!

01-21-18_6-37-48 PM.pngShe is super pretty! Her final trait is Neat, just like her mom. I think she reached level 7 or 8 in her athletic skill.

After the makeover Bailey and Chad elope. And then Bailey moves out with her hubby to Willow Creek. They live in a house with Chad’s mom Priscilla.

01-21-18_7-04-33 PM.pngAnd of course with an extra space in the household Lenore and Chad try for a baby.

01-21-18_7-13-08 PM.pngThe first time was unsuccessful but the second was.

01-21-18_7-20-34 PM.png Tova completes her aspiration and now is working on Whiz kid…I believe.

01-21-18_8-51-42 PM.pngAnd another birthday! This time it’s Taliesin!

01-21-18_9-03-13 PM.pngHere he is! He received the Genius trait with the computer whiz aspiration.

01-21-18_9-08-59 PM.pngBailey came over for a visit.

01-21-18_9-23-53 PM.pngHer portrait is now added to the wall. 01-21-18_9-41-53 PM.pngI added an actual laundry room. It’s one of the pre-made rooms but I re-colored the room.

Bathroom learning with dad, it’s pretty magical.

01-21-18_9-57-14 PM.pngLook out! Wild child alert!

01-21-18_10-05-04 PM.pngThis isn’t the first time the washer broke, but it is the first time it overflowed.

01-21-18_10-20-30 PM.pngProject time again. This time Taliesin conned his best friend, Seji, to help him.

01-21-18_10-51-36 PM.pngAnd it’s Scarlett’s birthday! I used the low carb cake this time.

01-21-18_11-00-28 PM.pngAnd here is beautiful Scarlett. She is a rambunctious scamp with a Mean streak. This should be fun.

01-21-18_11-05-04 PM.pngMom and daughter spend the day together. They even go over to Bailey’s house but she was at work.

Then Lenore went into Labor!

01-22-18_8-45-37 AM.pngWe have a boy! Meet Bran De Rolo baby boy #3. And where was Chad during all of this?

01-22-18_8-46-14 AM.pngWatching tv in the lobby. That’s what his action que said, but when I looked the tv was off.

Anyway I’ll leave the chapter here. I’m excited to see what story progression has in store for Bailey. I do want to get Bailey up on the gallery but I’m debating to wait until some of her siblings age up and move out.


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