Baby Boom Challenge 07


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Hero — Girl # 2, Teen

Taliesin — Boy #1, Teen

Tova — Girl #3, Child

Peter — Boy # 2, Chlid

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Child

Bran — Boy # 3, Baby

We start off the chapter with Taliesin and Lenore doing household maintenance….exciting stuff I’m sure.

03-15-18_6-01-17 PM.png Peter completes his childhood aspiration and is now working on Artistic Prodigy.

03-15-18_6-01-31 PM.pngHe is pretty talented with the basketball .

03-15-18_6-03-42 PM.pngChad’s second youth potion.

Chad: Need to stay young for all the baby making.

Lenore coughs up all her food.

03-15-18_6-20-29 PM.pngHero: So my parents are crazy. They want to have 12 girls and 12 boys. Luckily this isn’t a legacy so I’m not required to marry!

Boy from school: Wait…this isn’t a legacy house?

Hero: No, thank Plumbob!

03-15-18_6-22-43 PM.png Chad is earning these promotions rather quickly!

03-15-18_6-32-21 PM.pngSo it looks like Lenore is laying down the law on poor Tova, but really she’s just helping with homework.

03-15-18_6-35-04 PM.pngSo then the Yeti and the princess looked at eachother and said “F this” and walked into the sunset THE END.

Tova: Mom are you sure that’s the ending. It doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t the princess have her happily ever after with the prince?

Lenore: The princess is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man to be happy. Plus the Yeti is cooler so they like to hang.

Super efficient Lenore to the rescue!

03-16-18_9-32-42 AM.pngJust in time for Bran’s birthday!

03-16-18_9-39-24 AM.pngLook at him being so cute! Bran is inquisitive.

Lenore teaches Bran a few things then reads him a bedtime story.

03-16-18_9-50-07 AM.pngNext up is Tova’s birthday.

Peter: Here you go sis have some confetti.

Tova: Um thanks bro. Just don’t set my cake aflame with your confetti.

03-16-18_10-17-37 AM.pngTova rolled Neat as her new trait. And she is looking for her soulmate which makes her alluring.

03-16-18_7-13-48 PM.pngHero is working on her comedy skill. I can’t go any further with her aspiration until she is an adult.

03-16-18_7-20-00 PM.pngBran working on his communication skill like his siblings before him.

03-16-18_7-31-07 PM.pngAnd it’s Hero’s birthday!

03-16-18_7-42-22 PM.pngAnd another kid with the Loves Music trait. I think if another kid rolls loves music I’m just going to roll again.

03-16-18_7-46-01 PM.pngBailey came over to wish her sister happy birthday. These two are just so gorgeous.

03-16-18_7-52-10 PM.pngHero went to San Mysuno to see if there was any potintial spouse material, but alas the pickings were slim and Hero is a mean sim so I figure I would leave it up to story progression and moved her out.


03-16-18_8-58-39 PM.pngSince Hero moved out it’s time for some baby makin’! First try was unsuccessful but the second time was the charm.

03-16-18_9-09-56 PM.pngLenore invited Hero over to work on her portrait.

Everyone is keeping in shape.

03-16-18_10-54-57 PM.pngLenore has been working out a lot this pregnancy. Also it’s project time.

03-16-18_11-27-44 PM.pngLenore is a master in the kitchen. With all these kids someone has to be.

03-17-18_10-26-47 PM.pngSo Tova invited this guy over from school. I forgot what is name is, but Tova asked him out on a date.

They went to the spa where they had their first kiss and shared a steamy makeout session in the sauna. These two lovebirds are now going steady.

Lenore went into labor with baby #8 and Chad was feeling a little flirty. And then Chad decides that while his wife is in labor he’s going to man the front desk.

03-17-18_10-58-07 PM.pngWelcome baby girl #5 Octavia De Rolo.

03-17-18_11-22-38 PM.pngTova goes on another date with her boyfriend and Tova gives him a promise ring.

Tova: Gotta lock it down!

03-17-18_11-28-06 PM.png Now we just have to wait until Tova is an adult.

03-17-18_11-38-14 PM.pngIt’s Peter’s birthday!

03-17-18_11-50-55 PM.pngPeter is now one gloomy teen. His aspiration is computer whiz just like big brother Taliesin.

03-18-18_12-12-54 AM.pngBran is still stinkin adorable.

03-18-18_12-33-02 AM.pngSo Lenore forgot to clean the lint trap out after the last load went through so now she is paying the price. Don’t worry she extinguished herself.

I guess this is where I will leave you.

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