Baby Boom Challenge 09


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Taliesin — Boy #1, Young Adult

Tova — Girl #3, Teen

Peter — Boy # 2, Teen

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Child

Bran — Boy # 3, Child

Octavia — Girl # 5, Toddler

08-19-18_3-33-39 PM.png

Here are Taliesin’s full list of traits. He also received Good Manners and Responsible.

08-19-18_3-42-09 PM.pngOctavia learning the ways of the potty, and not looking too happy about it.

08-19-18_3-44-14 PM.pngTrying to get Bran to raise his empathy. I don’t use this doctor’s kit enough.

08-19-18_3-44-40 PM.pngStory time for Octavia

08-19-18_3-48-12 PM.pngOh! Hello Scarlett it’s so good to see your face! And your new hair do.

Scarlett: Well it was nice to have some mystic while it lasted.

Sister bonding moment; totally autonomous by the way.

Taliesin: Look! Over yonder, young capitan, a new planet!

08-19-18_3-56-22 PM.pngIt’s Scarlett’s birthday!

08-19-18_4-23-24 PM.pngScarlett adds Mean to her Neat trait and her aspiration is Public Enemy. She looks the most like Lenore IMHO.

08-19-18_4-30-10 PM.pngI just downloaded the Fitness stuff pack so everyone got some new clothing options.

08-19-18_4-32-20 PM.pngScarlett is getting quite buff.

08-19-18_4-34-45 PM.pngTaliesin: Bobbie look at these awesome muscles!

Bobbie: Oh! They would be more impressive out of my chest!

Tal: Oops! Sorry ’bout that. I just got super excited.

Tal’s girlfriends name is Bobbie Spicer.

08-19-18_4-36-12 PM.pngHere is the lovely couple!

They became best friends, Tal proposed, and Bobbie excepted with style and grace!

So I tried several times to get Tal’s portrait painted, but for some reason the game wouldn’t let me so instead I took his picture; which I like better anyway.

08-19-18_5-04-27 PM.pngBeing a family-oriented sim Tal always wants to interact with his siblings.

08-19-18_4-58-27 PM.png

A promotion for Chad! When he is done with his aspiration I’m going to have him be the stay-at-home-parent.

08-19-18_5-09-14 PM.pngProject time. Chad helps out Bran with his volcano.

08-19-18_5-12-08 PM.pngThen had gets more points by autonomously doing the laundry.

Tal invites his love over and they exchange vows.

08-19-18_5-34-57 PM.pngBobbie Spicer De Rolo is a Serial Romantic who is a snob, hot-headed, and a Music lover.

See Tal I’m making up for last chapter!

08-19-18_5-39-32 PM.pngThey move into this house I downloaded from the gallery. The house was created by Paffy85.

We then invited Hero and Bailey over to get their pictures taken.

08-19-18_6-08-15 PM.pngThen they all decided to come inside to give Octavia pointers on how to build blocks.

08-19-18_6-23-35 PM.pngPeter DO NOT electrocute yourself!

08-19-18_6-24-13 PM.pngPeter: Too late! *zap*

08-19-18_6-24-19 PM.pngThank goodness this isn’t my ISBI!

08-19-18_6-24-52 PM.pngLenore and one of the teens friends come to the rescue!

08-19-18_6-25-17 PM.pngTova you’re a little late to the party.

Tova: you can’t be too careful!

08-19-18_6-30-09 PM.pngWhile all of the excitement was happening Scarlett was meditating.

08-19-18_6-34-25 PM.pngHero invited Tova over so I obliged. I also noticed a toddler on the primises and I got a little excited that it was Bailey and her husband, Chad’s, kid; but alas it was Chad’s little brother.

08-19-18_5-48-16 PM.png

Meet Ronin Green, Chads’ little brother.


Chad and Lenore are expecting their 9th child!

Octavia being a toddler and working on her movement skill.

08-19-18_7-15-21 PM.pngI also got Pet stuff. I forgot what this pet is called….

08-19-18_7-36-22 PM.pngBut he’s pretty cute in an ugly sort of way.

It’s Tova’s birthday and we also age up her boyfriend Nathan Maed, who is Johnny Zest’s son.

08-19-18_7-57-21 PM.pngTova proposes to her love and soulmate and of course he says yes!

08-19-18_8-15-07 PM.pngTova wanted a wedding arch so she gets her wish.

08-19-18_8-07-32 PM.pngBefore she leaves we grab her for a photo shoot.

08-19-18_9-20-01 PM.pngOne last picture of Octavia as a toddler before she becomes a child.

08-19-18_9-23-39 PM.pngWell besides this one.

08-19-18_9-36-31 PM.png

Octavia De Rolo is now a Whiz kid who Loves Dogs.

It’s these two lovebirds first Love Day and they celebrate with gusto.

08-19-18_10-36-08 PM.pngAnd their baby is going to be born on love day, how cute.

08-19-18_10-37-20 PM.pngLenore is starving and Chad is freaking out! I love Lenore’s face here.

08-19-18_10-40-05 PM.pngLenore: Um…is my doctor a ghost?

08-19-18_10-48-19 PM.pngYay it’s a boy. We have 5 girls and now 4 boys. Welcome Orion De Rolo.

I will end the chapter her as it’s quite long already!

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