Baby Boom Challenge 14


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Bran — Boy #3, Teen

Octavia — Girl #5, Teen

Orion — Boy #4, Child

Lincoln — Boy #5, Child

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Toddler

Rowan — Boy #6, Baby

01-08-19_4-15-00 PM.pngWe first check in with Pyrrha working on her movement skill. I can’t tell if she is having fun or not.

01-08-19_4-16-56 PM.pngOctavia: Um…Tal..would you possibly let me have a bit of your blood?

Tal: What? Ew grose! No way!

Octavia: Just a little?

Tal: I’m going home.

01-08-19_4-21-49 PM.pngSomehow that interaction was enough to get Octavia to minor vampire status.

01-08-19_4-31-45 PM.pngBran needs to get 4 skills to level 4 and logic is one of them, so Octavia being the awesome sister she is helps him out.

Orion invites his club over. Allie, the adorable girl from the end of last chapter, is now a teen so she won’t count towards Orion’s aspiration. But Jalen, the red head, will.

01-08-19_5-08-16 PM.pngLenore lets her daughter drink from her.

01-08-19_5-11-03 PM.pngOctavia finished a milestone!

Though Taliesin was grossed out by the thought of his sister feeding off of him he wasn’t opposed to being the first vampire she turns.

01-08-19_5-24-06 PM.pngNext victim…er…offspring is Billy Caliente.

01-08-19_5-34-25 PM.pngOrion befriends Arya and only needs to befriend one more adult to complete his aspiration.

His childhood friends are: Orson, Jalen, and Ayra

Adult friends: Taliesin.

01-08-19_5-37-49 PM.pngThird addition to Octavia’s vampire family is her sister Scarlett.

01-08-19_5-42-24 PM.pngLenore passed her audition!

01-08-19_5-54-49 PM.pngLincoln is hard at work on his aspiration.

01-08-19_6-17-40 PM.pngBran has three positive traits in range, he just needs to keep them in range so Chad can complete his aspiration.

01-08-19_6-17-55 PM.pngOctavia: Heheh this book bites!

01-08-19_6-24-08 PM.pngChad helps Pyrrha with her thinking skill.

01-08-19_6-27-16 PM.pngLenore finally is able to do a street performance, and Chad comes out to support is wife reenact a romantic scene with another man.

01-08-19_6-28-10 PM.pngMilestone complete!

01-08-19_6-43-56 PM.pngBirthday time!

01-08-19_6-45-46 PM.pngBefore Rowan ages up Lenore downs a youth potion.

01-08-19_6-53-25 PM.pngLook at this cutie pie! He has his mama’s eyes. He is also a Silly toddler.

01-08-19_8-43-29 PM.pngPoor baby was scarred learning to use the potty, so big bro Bran came over to console the little tyke.

Monday means project time. This time they have to do their projects by themselves. Octavia does not look pleased.

01-08-19_9-17-34 PM.pngOh look it’s story time. Now that Tal has the keys to the house he’s practically here every day, not that I mind but I probably should invite the other adult siblings over more.

01-08-19_9-19-26 PM.pngPyrrha went around the house contemplating what everything means.

Tal is now a vampire.

While working on his project Lincoln finished his aspiration.

So due to the makeup artist and the costume artist putting the wrong thing on Lenore, she didn’t have time to finish all her tasks so she only got bronze for this gig.

01-09-19_1-00-34 PM.pngBack at home Octavia turns her fourth vampire.

01-09-19_1-05-44 pmIt also happens to be Winterfest. Bran helps his dad decorate the tree for a little bit.

01-09-19_1-07-01 PM.pngWhile he was on his way to visit Octavia Billy goes through his change.

01-09-19_1-11-14 PM.pngAnd somewhere along the way he got hit with lightning.

Octavia decides to put some prank gifts in the pile.

01-09-19_1-12-20 PM.pngScarlett goes threw her transformation.

01-09-19_1-12-48 PM.pngFinally with a day to spare Orion was able to complete his aspiration before his birthday!

01-09-19_1-36-33 PM.pngBut first it’s Pyrrha’s birthday.

01-09-19_1-52-10 PM.pngSo pretty! She rolled Music Lover.

I think I will end the chapter here.

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