Baby Boom Challenge 17


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Lincoln — Boy #5, Teen

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Child

Rowan — Boy #6, Child

Oz — Boy #6, Child

Parker — Boy #7, Toddler

Noel — Girl #7, Baby

Last chapter baby Noel was born deleting Rowan from the family due to MCC failing or glitching, I’m not sure what happened. Oz, Parker, and Pyrrha had birthdays. Lenore was finally able to move on with her career. Orion aged up into a young adult marrying his childhood friend Arya Nair then moving out.

03-22-19_10-15-25 PM.pngWe start off with Parker working on his movement skill and looking absolutely adorable! He maxes out his movement skill.



These two just can’t get enough of eachother. They do try for another baby but were unsuccessful. 😥



The next skill this little tyke works on is imagination. 03-22-19_10-23-49 PM.pngThe dishwasher, and everything else, keeps breaking. Looks like I’m going to have to send Chad on an upgrade mission.

03-22-19_10-29-54 PM.pngLenore: Oh yeah! I’m killing it! Another masterpiece. You just can’t stop this kind of talent.

03-22-19_10-35-29 PM.pngBassinet sparkles pave the way for Noel’s birthday.

03-22-19_10-41-53 PM.pngNoel De Rolo rolled independent as her toddler trait. And you can’t stop this cuteness!



These two try again and are successful this time! Baby # 16, technically #15, on it’s way!

03-23-19_5-15-08 PM.pngThe toddler/playroom gets a little facelift. Nothing too fancy.

03-23-19_5-47-48 PM.pngNoel maxes communication.

03-23-19_5-48-45 PM.pngChad is making his way through the house upgrading items.

03-23-19_5-49-15 PM.pngBig bro Lincoln autonomously teaches Noel her thinking skill.

03-23-19_5-51-04 PM.pngLittle miss independent here doesn’t need anyone to tell her how to go potty!

03-23-19_5-54-59 PM.pngParker reaches level 4 imagination. His thinking skill is only at level 2 I believe.



Slide montage! She doesn’t master it this go around.

03-23-19_7-02-24 PM.pngNo real point to this picture. I just love it.

03-23-19_7-07-37 PM.pngShe’s back at it again and this time she does master the movement skill, it takes her all night but she’s done.

03-23-19_7-13-54 PM.pngLenore helps Parker with his thinking skill before she has to go to work.



Failing one Risky fight scene Lenore only brings home the silver, but she does get a promotion to Sitcom Star! Her talent agency wasn’t too pleased she only got silver for her performance, but I think she’s doing really well!

03-23-19_8-01-33 PM.pngLincoln: Hey Britta! Thank you for coming over, it’s my birthday you know!

Britta: That’s great, hey… you have a hot tub?

Lincoln: Uh…yeah…it’s out back.

Britta then goes to the hot tub and takes a nap ignoring Lincoln for the rest of the night.


03-23-19_8-05-13 PM.pngAnd with a bedtime story Parker masters imagination. Now all he needs to do is master thinking and he only has a day to go from level 2 to 5. Can he do it?

03-23-19_8-11-04 PM.pngAnd with his parents and brother Oz singing him a happy birthday Lincoln becomes a young adult. He rolled the Ambitious trait just like his dad. He  got Good Manners, Compassionate, and Responsible.

03-23-19_9-56-31 PM.pngLenore mentors Pyrrha in the painting skill.

03-23-19_10-01-11 PM.pngThe skilling continues. Chad teaches Parker about building with blocks while Noel uses her imagination playing house.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For Chad’s aspiration he needs one of his kids to get married, even though most of his kids already are, so Lincoln invits Britta over to woo her.

He proposes to her but she rejects him, however she jumps him the moment she says no, so she’s sending mixed messages.


Just a few more romantic and friendly interactions later and Lincoln and Britta are husband and wife. Lincoln moves out of the house and moves in with Britta and her two siblings.


Before he moved out we captured his picture and also invited Orion over so we could get his as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s awards night so Lenore head out to Studio PBP and attends the awards show. She won and award for best book. However it didn’t count towards her aspiration because the award never showed up in the household inventory 😥

She did go into labor once the awards show was over though.

03-23-19_10-41-12 PM.pngThis is the face of a man who has watched his wife go through labor 16 times. You’d think he have this under control.

03-23-19_10-47-28 PM.pngThe De Rolo’s welcome baby boy #8, technically #9, Reginald De Rolo.

03-23-19_10-54-31 PM.pngWhen they get home it’s Parker’s birthday. Parker wasn’t able to level up his thinking skill so he his a Happy Toddler instead of a Top-Notch.

03-23-19_11-05-05 PM.pngParker is a neat Social Butterfly. He aged up into these glasses and I thought they suited him very well.

And thus ends chapter 17 however stick around for some family updates!

03-23-19_8-26-00 PM.pngTaliesin and his wife Bobbi had a son named Julius.

03-23-19_8-32-31 PM.pngAnd Bailey and her husband Chad Greene had another kid this time a girl named Kassandra.

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