Baby Boom Challenge 17


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Lincoln — Boy #5, Teen

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Child

Rowan — Boy #6, Child

Oz — Boy #6, Child

Parker — Boy #7, Toddler

Noel — Girl #7, Baby

Last chapter baby Noel was born deleting Rowan from the family due to MCC failing or glitching, I’m not sure what happened. Oz, Parker, and Pyrrha had birthdays. Lenore was finally able to move on with her career. Orion aged up into a young adult marrying his childhood friend Arya Nair then moving out.

03-22-19_10-15-25 PM.pngWe start off with Parker working on his movement skill and looking absolutely adorable! He maxes out his movement skill.



These two just can’t get enough of eachother. They do try for another baby but were unsuccessful. 😥



The next skill this little tyke works on is imagination. 03-22-19_10-23-49 PM.pngThe dishwasher, and everything else, keeps breaking. Looks like I’m going to have to send Chad on an upgrade mission.

03-22-19_10-29-54 PM.pngLenore: Oh yeah! I’m killing it! Another masterpiece. You just can’t stop this kind of talent.

03-22-19_10-35-29 PM.pngBassinet sparkles pave the way for Noel’s birthday.

03-22-19_10-41-53 PM.pngNoel De Rolo rolled independent as her toddler trait. And you can’t stop this cuteness!



These two try again and are successful this time! Baby # 16, technically #15, on it’s way!

03-23-19_5-15-08 PM.pngThe toddler/playroom gets a little facelift. Nothing too fancy.

03-23-19_5-47-48 PM.pngNoel maxes communication.

03-23-19_5-48-45 PM.pngChad is making his way through the house upgrading items.

03-23-19_5-49-15 PM.pngBig bro Lincoln autonomously teaches Noel her thinking skill.

03-23-19_5-51-04 PM.pngLittle miss independent here doesn’t need anyone to tell her how to go potty!

03-23-19_5-54-59 PM.pngParker reaches level 4 imagination. His thinking skill is only at level 2 I believe.



Slide montage! She doesn’t master it this go around.

03-23-19_7-02-24 PM.pngNo real point to this picture. I just love it.

03-23-19_7-07-37 PM.pngShe’s back at it again and this time she does master the movement skill, it takes her all night but she’s done.

03-23-19_7-13-54 PM.pngLenore helps Parker with his thinking skill before she has to go to work.



Failing one Risky fight scene Lenore only brings home the silver, but she does get a promotion to Sitcom Star! Her talent agency wasn’t too pleased she only got silver for her performance, but I think she’s doing really well!

03-23-19_8-01-33 PM.pngLincoln: Hey Britta! Thank you for coming over, it’s my birthday you know!

Britta: That’s great, hey… you have a hot tub?

Lincoln: Uh…yeah…it’s out back.

Britta then goes to the hot tub and takes a nap ignoring Lincoln for the rest of the night.


03-23-19_8-05-13 PM.pngAnd with a bedtime story Parker masters imagination. Now all he needs to do is master thinking and he only has a day to go from level 2 to 5. Can he do it?

03-23-19_8-11-04 PM.pngAnd with his parents and brother Oz singing him a happy birthday Lincoln becomes a young adult. He rolled the Ambitious trait just like his dad. He  got Good Manners, Compassionate, and Responsible.

03-23-19_9-56-31 PM.pngLenore mentors Pyrrha in the painting skill.

03-23-19_10-01-11 PM.pngThe skilling continues. Chad teaches Parker about building with blocks while Noel uses her imagination playing house.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For Chad’s aspiration he needs one of his kids to get married, even though most of his kids already are, so Lincoln invits Britta over to woo her.

He proposes to her but she rejects him, however she jumps him the moment she says no, so she’s sending mixed messages.


Just a few more romantic and friendly interactions later and Lincoln and Britta are husband and wife. Lincoln moves out of the house and moves in with Britta and her two siblings.


Before he moved out we captured his picture and also invited Orion over so we could get his as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s awards night so Lenore head out to Studio PBP and attends the awards show. She won and award for best book. However it didn’t count towards her aspiration because the award never showed up in the household inventory 😥

She did go into labor once the awards show was over though.

03-23-19_10-41-12 PM.pngThis is the face of a man who has watched his wife go through labor 16 times. You’d think he have this under control.

03-23-19_10-47-28 PM.pngThe De Rolo’s welcome baby boy #8, technically #9, Reginald De Rolo.

03-23-19_10-54-31 PM.pngWhen they get home it’s Parker’s birthday. Parker wasn’t able to level up his thinking skill so he his a Happy Toddler instead of a Top-Notch.

03-23-19_11-05-05 PM.pngParker is a neat Social Butterfly. He aged up into these glasses and I thought they suited him very well.

And thus ends chapter 17 however stick around for some family updates!

03-23-19_8-26-00 PM.pngTaliesin and his wife Bobbi had a son named Julius.

03-23-19_8-32-31 PM.pngAnd Bailey and her husband Chad Greene had another kid this time a girl named Kassandra.

Baby Boom Challenge 16


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Orion — Boy #4, Teen

Lincoln — Boy #5, Teen

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Child

Rowan — Boy #6, Child

Oz — Boy #7, Baby

Last time Bran and Octavia aged up into Young Adults and moved out. Rowan is a child and a new baby boy, Oz, was born.

01-26-19_7-32-11 PM.pngFor a Music Lover Chad doesn’t get to play very often and since being the stay at home dad he gets tense more often than he did when he had work to distract him.

01-26-19_7-36-04 PM.pngLenore: Chad, darling, do you want to break in the hot tub?

Chad: I thought you’d never ask!

01-26-19_7-36-41 PM.pngPyrrha: Watcha doin’?

Both Lenore and Chad stop in their tracks.

Both: Um…nothing *turns around and heads back into the house*

Based of the side eye Pyrrha was giving she knew exactly what she was doing.


After some basic bed woohoo Lenore finds out she is pregnant with baby #14.

01-26-19_7-40-52 PM.pngI’m feeling a little stuck with Lenore and her acting aspiration. Lately when she goes in to do a gig the makeup artist messes up so much she wastes half of her day and comes home with bronze or silver.


It’s time for Oz to show the world just how cute he is! Oz rolled independent.

02-12-19_11-41-07 AM.pngOz works on his communication skill. I think he gets to level 3 before his goes off to bed, but he does max communication later.


Oz keeps busy learning skills so he doesn’t have much time to make messes or play in the toilets.

02-12-19_12-13-41 PM.pngLenore went through the make up chair twice and ended up with the makeup she has on both times. I think it’s kind of fitting for this role, but the game doesn’t think so. She nails her scenes though and come home with a silver.

She also gets promoted to Guest Star.


Sometimes playing on the slide can be scary…..scary fun!…

02-12-19_8-03-00 PM.pngThe De Rolo kids are probably the closest siblings in all of my games. If all of them are doing homework you can usually find all of them in one room and eating, eating is another activity where they bond as siblings.

02-12-19_8-11-41 PM.pngThere’s not much for Orion to do except school work. He can’t move forward in his aspiration till he becomes an adult, so I got him a job as a babysitter.

02-12-19_8-24-34 PM.pngMeet baby boy #8 Parker!

02-12-19_8-41-54 PM.pngI finally get around to putting cabinets and chairs for the island in the kitchen.

02-12-19_8-55-26 PM.pngThis was a pretty frightening experience and in all of my years playing sims this is the first time a child has caught fire in my game!


Luckily big bro Lincoln saved the day! Though the couch paid the price.

02-16-19_10-10-38 AM.pngI didn’t realize that Orion and Lincoln have the same sleep shirt on.

02-16-19_10-16-47 AM.png Orion was enraged for some reason and he wanted to paint an angry painting. The quality was poor but I was able to sell it for a little profit.

02-16-19_10-28-07 AM.pngPyrrha is close to completing the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. I had forgotten she also completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration as well.

02-16-19_10-56-03 AM.pngSo in my name game challenge I upped the sims in the household from 8 to 10 and didn’t realize that it carried over to my other saves. I’m going to have to be more careful from now on. But Lenore is pregnant again! Orion’s going to have his birthday soon so I just wont have Lenore a Chad woohoo till Lincoln moves out as well, just to keep things fair.

02-16-19_11-21-42 AM.pngLenore keeps getting Hysterical and at first I thought it was her Illness, but she keeps getting a playful decoration moodlet even though I don’t have any playful items enabled and the house traits that I have shouldn’t be causing them either.

02-16-19_11-28-20 AM.pngI have her drink some Calming Camomile which works for a while but every time she is in the kitchen or living room she instantly becomes playful.

I think I’m going to have to do some remodeling cause I have no idea what is causing it.

02-16-19_12-11-21 PM.pngOrion gets invited out by one of his old club members. He spends all of his time hanging out with Arya and they become boyfriend/girlfriend.


Parker is pretty cute and I love this new hair style! I just wish it was available for children as well.


Parker starts off right, working on his skills!

02-16-19_4-17-53 PM.pngOrion got promoted to the top of the Babysitter career which I was hopping would take care of Chad’s aspiration requirement to see a child reach the top of their career, but alas it didn’t :(. I think Chad is going to have to do a different aspiration.

02-16-19_4-24-09 PM.pngPyrrha just completed her second aspiration the day before her birthday!

02-16-19_4-35-39 PM.pngLenore helps Oz work on his thinking skill which at this point is at level 2 I think.

02-16-19_4-43-39 PM.pngAnd story time with dad gets him level 5 in imagination.

02-16-19_4-19-37 PM.pngI moved the girls room upstairs and turned their downstairs room into a second bathroom on the first floor. So in total they have four bathrooms.


It’s Parker’s turn to looked freaked out by the slide.


Lenore went into labor and the family welcomed baby girl #7 Noel. It was also right around this time that I noticed Rowan was no longer in the household. I checked the family tree and he wasn’t there! The only thing I can think of is the game deleted him because the house was at capacity. I hope this won’t happen in my Name Game Challenge.

I’m not sure what this means for the challenge. I think what I’ll do is the next child born will get an R name to make up for it and I will continue on.

02-17-19_5-11-57 PM.pngAnother weird thing my game did was offer Orion a job in the astronaut career. Since he is still in high school this is very odd. However since he only has one more day as a teen I accepted. However the next time I looked at his job panel he no longer was in astronaut he was just a high school student.


It’s Pyrrha’s birthday and she rolled Materialistic and Manson Baron. She kept most of what she aged up into I just tweaked a thing or two.

02-17-19_5-46-57 PM.pngOz reached level 4 in thinking and is now bugging everyone he comes accross with the ultimate question….Why?


Lenore goes to work to find a new makeup artist and she actually get Lenore’s make up right on the first  try! Lenore was able to take home a gold!

And she is promoted to Supporting Actress.


It’s Orion and Oz’s birthday! Orion rolled Gloomy for his last trait.

02-17-19_6-28-00 PM.pngOz rolled Good and Rambunctious Scamp.

Orion invited his girlfriend Arya over and quickly got engaged and married then moved out to an apartment in San Myshuno.

That is where I will end the update, but stick around for some updates about the family.

Bailey’s son Kane is now a teen and other son Kristian is a child. Bailey and her husband Chad Greene also have a daughter now as well and will update when she is a toddler.

01-09-19_4-11-34 PM.pngAnd this is Alexander Chandran, Hero’s husband.

Baby Boom Challenge 15


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Bran — Boy #3, Teen

Octavia — Girl #5, Teen

Orion — Boy #4, Child

Lincoln — Boy #5, Child

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Child

Rowan — Boy #6, Baby


The De Rolo’s are celebrating Winterfest. Everyone got pretty decent gifts, except for Bran poor boy got a lump of coal. 😥

01-09-19_2-13-34 PM.pngSometime during the night Octavia became a Prime Vampire.

01-09-19_2-24-24 PM.pngOctavia: Hey Billy! How’s vampire life treating you?

Billy: So far so good, but not being able to go out during the day is a pain.

Octavia: I here ya, I also here there’s a cure for that as well.

01-09-19_2-25-54 PM.pngVampy BFFs.

01-09-19_2-32-02 PM.pngOctavia needs to become a Master Vampire so she is turning Billy’s sister Irene Caliente.

01-09-19_2-32-48 PM.pngIrene’s sister Leila does not look happy about her sister’s life choices.

01-09-19_2-35-42 PM.pngBut Octavia convinced her to donate some blood.

01-09-19_2-43-33 PM.pngBack at home Rowan is working on his skills. Communication was soon mastered.

01-09-19_2-44-07 PM.pngChad is hard at work creating content. He makes a pretty good living at this especially if he makes at least one video a day.

01-09-19_2-45-09 PM.pngThe thunderstorm came and went and it left some pretty gyms. It also fried the jungle gym though.

01-09-19_2-46-18 PM.pngWe got the notification that it’s Orion’s birthday. It is also Bran’s birthday.


Arya helped the boys celebrate their birthdays.

01-09-19_2-58-53 PM.png

Bran’s Traits. He was able to get three positive traits Good Manners, Compassionate, and Responsible thus helping his dad complete his latest Aspiration.

01-09-19_3-37-47 PM.pngOrion adds Slob to his Vegetarian trait. He is the first Slob in the family. He aspires to have a Big Happy Family which he won’t be able to complete because he needs to be an adult to complete it.


Bran gets a lean potion before he takes his photo.


Bran gets his photo added to the wall with a unique pose . So far we only have one repeat pose.

01-13-19_5-55-19 PM.pngBye Bran! I think I set him not to age, which is something I’ll have to do for all of his older siblings.

01-09-19_3-54-43 PM.pngAllie comes over for a visit and completes her transformation into a creature of the night. Now all Octavia needs to do is become a Master Vampire.

01-13-19_5-59-00 PM.pngWith an opening in the house it’s time for another nooboo!

01-13-19_6-00-14 PM.png

In other news Octavia has a pristine reputation. She only feeds off of other sims with their permission so I think this contributed to her reputation.


Rowan likes to play in the cupboards.

01-13-19_6-18-42 PM.pngLenore wanted to take a selfie so I obliged. Also I like the CC eyes better than the last one but the color is still not quite right.

01-13-19_6-24-09 PM.pngLenore is expecting!

01-13-19_6-28-36 PM.pngChad visits Bailey and I set her to ageing off. Then Bailey leaves for work.

01-13-19_6-29-27 PM.pngChad’s new aspiration is Successful Lineage.


Then it’s back home to help his youngest with his skills. Rowan reaches level 2 in thinking.

01-13-19_6-33-23 PM.pngThen it’s bedtime for the little tyke.

01-13-19_6-44-48 PM.pngOctavia invites Lilith over for some vampiric training. And I just love the look on Rowan’s face.

01-13-19_6-46-25 PM.pngLilith instructs Octavia on how to use her vampiric powers.

01-24-19_11-39-24 AM.pngThen the two become BFF’s booting Billy from the spot. Oohps!


Then Octavia visits her older brother Tal to teach him what she learned. He freaked out when she came to visit she has no fame points so it has to be from her reputation.

01-24-19_12-03-32 PM.pngThen at home Lilith helps her with her homework.

01-26-19_3-15-21 PM.pngThe only other active power Octavia has, other than turning sims into vampires, is causing hallucinations so here she is exercising her powers on Lilith. I was worried this would ruin her reputation but it didn’t, or if it did I was so minimal I didn’t notice.

01-26-19_3-28-50 PM.pngThen she feeds from her brother before leaving the house.

01-26-19_3-34-34 PM.pngLeila gets her turn to be turned into a vampire. Octavia is so close to completing her aspiration! And it will be my first time completing a Vampire aspiration!

01-26-19_3-37-11 PM.pngOctavia: Happy New Years to you!

Octavia invites Billy over to her house. The only downside to living in the hills of Del Sol Valley is when sims visit the lot they have to run up this hill. Billy does not look pleased by this. Also the house gets a new paint job!

Del Sol Valley sunset and the De Rolo’s have a pretty spectacular view!

01-26-19_4-37-07 PM.pngAfter causing numerous hallucinations amongst her family members and training Billy, Octavia becomes a Master Vampire and completes her aspiration!

01-26-19_4-46-12 PM.pngReally Octavia this is pointless not to mention it’s raining! She doesn’t even have the Neat trait, so it must be a hidden trait.

Since Octavia doesn’t have to work on an aspiration, and she is an A student with only one more day as a teen she helps Rowan learn his skills.

01-26-19_5-01-08 PM.pngLenore received her first Quirk. She got this after she ate a gourmet meal that was prepared by her husband.

01-26-19_5-09-33 PM.pngRowan watching big sis drink her plasma pack. I wonder if this experience will affect him.

01-26-19_5-29-24 PM.pngIt’s Lincoln’s birthday!

01-26-19_5-40-27 PM.pngHere the handsome boy is; he received the Music Lover trait (which is the most rolled trait in this family 7/12 so far). He is also a Serial Romantic giving him the alluring trait as well.

01-26-19_5-53-23 PM.pngPyrrha completes her aspiration and gets Artistic Prodigy.

Lenore goes into labor and gives birth to baby boy#7 Oz De Rolo. 01-26-19_6-04-59 PM.pngRowan puts his dad and Octavia through torture by asking why. He does try and take mercy on them and every once in a while will tell the chicken butt joke which seems to help a little. This maxes out thinking and now Rowan is a Top Notch Toddler! The first in the challenge!

01-26-19_6-31-20 PM.png

Jus in the nick of time. It is also Octavia’s birthday.

01-26-19_6-38-20 PM.pngWhile Rowan takes a nap Octavia makes a wish and blows out her candles.

01-26-19_6-42-09 PM.pngThen it’s Rowan’s turn.

01-26-19_6-48-15 PM.png

Rowan is a Creative Artistic Prodigy.

01-26-19_6-53-14 PM.pngOctavia gets her picture, but before she leaves she takes her parents pictures.

01-26-19_7-04-19 PM.pngThis wall is getting full. I’m going to have to create a studio or something for all of them.

01-26-19_7-05-23 PM.pngOctavia says goodbye and moves in with Bran. And since this chapter is getting quite long this is a pretty good place to sign off. Till next time.

Baby Boom Challenge 14


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Bran — Boy #3, Teen

Octavia — Girl #5, Teen

Orion — Boy #4, Child

Lincoln — Boy #5, Child

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Toddler

Rowan — Boy #6, Baby

01-08-19_4-15-00 PM.pngWe first check in with Pyrrha working on her movement skill. I can’t tell if she is having fun or not.

01-08-19_4-16-56 PM.pngOctavia: Um…Tal..would you possibly let me have a bit of your blood?

Tal: What? Ew grose! No way!

Octavia: Just a little?

Tal: I’m going home.

01-08-19_4-21-49 PM.pngSomehow that interaction was enough to get Octavia to minor vampire status.

01-08-19_4-31-45 PM.pngBran needs to get 4 skills to level 4 and logic is one of them, so Octavia being the awesome sister she is helps him out.

Orion invites his club over. Allie, the adorable girl from the end of last chapter, is now a teen so she won’t count towards Orion’s aspiration. But Jalen, the red head, will.

01-08-19_5-08-16 PM.pngLenore lets her daughter drink from her.

01-08-19_5-11-03 PM.pngOctavia finished a milestone!

Though Taliesin was grossed out by the thought of his sister feeding off of him he wasn’t opposed to being the first vampire she turns.

01-08-19_5-24-06 PM.pngNext victim…er…offspring is Billy Caliente.

01-08-19_5-34-25 PM.pngOrion befriends Arya and only needs to befriend one more adult to complete his aspiration.

His childhood friends are: Orson, Jalen, and Ayra

Adult friends: Taliesin.

01-08-19_5-37-49 PM.pngThird addition to Octavia’s vampire family is her sister Scarlett.

01-08-19_5-42-24 PM.pngLenore passed her audition!

01-08-19_5-54-49 PM.pngLincoln is hard at work on his aspiration.

01-08-19_6-17-40 PM.pngBran has three positive traits in range, he just needs to keep them in range so Chad can complete his aspiration.

01-08-19_6-17-55 PM.pngOctavia: Heheh this book bites!

01-08-19_6-24-08 PM.pngChad helps Pyrrha with her thinking skill.

01-08-19_6-27-16 PM.pngLenore finally is able to do a street performance, and Chad comes out to support is wife reenact a romantic scene with another man.

01-08-19_6-28-10 PM.pngMilestone complete!

01-08-19_6-43-56 PM.pngBirthday time!

01-08-19_6-45-46 PM.pngBefore Rowan ages up Lenore downs a youth potion.

01-08-19_6-53-25 PM.pngLook at this cutie pie! He has his mama’s eyes. He is also a Silly toddler.

01-08-19_8-43-29 PM.pngPoor baby was scarred learning to use the potty, so big bro Bran came over to console the little tyke.

Monday means project time. This time they have to do their projects by themselves. Octavia does not look pleased.

01-08-19_9-17-34 PM.pngOh look it’s story time. Now that Tal has the keys to the house he’s practically here every day, not that I mind but I probably should invite the other adult siblings over more.

01-08-19_9-19-26 PM.pngPyrrha went around the house contemplating what everything means.

Tal is now a vampire.

While working on his project Lincoln finished his aspiration.

So due to the makeup artist and the costume artist putting the wrong thing on Lenore, she didn’t have time to finish all her tasks so she only got bronze for this gig.

01-09-19_1-00-34 PM.pngBack at home Octavia turns her fourth vampire.

01-09-19_1-05-44 pmIt also happens to be Winterfest. Bran helps his dad decorate the tree for a little bit.

01-09-19_1-07-01 PM.pngWhile he was on his way to visit Octavia Billy goes through his change.

01-09-19_1-11-14 PM.pngAnd somewhere along the way he got hit with lightning.

Octavia decides to put some prank gifts in the pile.

01-09-19_1-12-20 PM.pngScarlett goes threw her transformation.

01-09-19_1-12-48 PM.pngFinally with a day to spare Orion was able to complete his aspiration before his birthday!

01-09-19_1-36-33 PM.pngBut first it’s Pyrrha’s birthday.

01-09-19_1-52-10 PM.pngSo pretty! She rolled Music Lover.

I think I will end the chapter here.

Baby Boom Challenge 13


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Bran — Boy # 3, Teen

Octavia — Girl # 5, Child

Orion — Boy # 4, Child

Lincoln — Boy #5, Child

12-17-18_8-26-47 AM.png

Starting off this chapter right with in introduction to a new family member!

12-17-18_8-29-00 AM.pngBut before we do Lenore goes to her audition before I could stop her. I assumed she’d come back before her audition was done, but no she powered though it and passed! Cause she’s a savage like that.

12-17-18_8-30-28 AM.pngAnd then she decides she wants to give Lincoln a bath. At this point I was like: you do you gurl!

12-17-18_8-31-01 AM.pngAnd where was Chad, you ask? Having a pre-parental freak out behind the wall.

12-17-18_8-39-14 AM.pngLenore gave birth to baby girl Pyrrha! Pronounced p EE r r aa for those that are curious. She is named after the character Pyrrha Nikos from the web series RWBY.

12-17-18_8-43-13 AM.pngAfter Chad’s freak out he goes and continues Lincoln’s potty training.

Then the kids come home with projects. Chad helps Bran, Orion ropes in a classmate he brought home, and Octavia gets help from Lenore.

12-17-18_8-46-46 AM.pngAfter her project Octavia completed her aspiration!12-17-18_9-03-17 AM.pngTaliesin came by to visit his new baby sister.

12-17-18_9-03-52 AM.pngAnd it’s Lincoln’s birthday!

12-17-18_9-07-27 AM.pngLook at that face!

12-17-18_9-15-12 AM-2.pngLincoln is now a Neat Artistic Prodigy. He looks a lot like Lenore.

12-17-18_9-21-08 AM.pngOrion meeting big bro Taliesin for the first time.

12-17-18_9-23-45 AM.pngChad: Here son, you now have keys to the house.

Tal: Um…really…thanks dad.

His expression looks like: Really?What am I going to do with that?

At work Lenore wasn’t happy with her first makeover. Pink hair isn’t really her look. But she killed the commercial and came home with a gold acting gig.

12-17-18_9-51-19 AM.pngShe did so well she was nominated!

Next up in the birthday line up is Octavia.

12-17-18_10-19-30 AM.pngOctavia Loves Music and wants a Vampire family.

12-17-18_10-21-14 AM.pngDiagon is a very talented rodent. I put up the postcard in Bran and Orion’s room.

12-17-18_10-26-39 AM.pngChad has entered parent mode. Also the photos on the back wall remind me to get Octavia’s picture.

Orion is trying to get his social milestone completed by becoming BFFs with Orson here. He doesn’t manage it here but he does later.

12-17-18_10-31-23 AM.pngAnd Diagon is now in Rodent heaven. I’m not sure if I want to get another rodent pet for the family.

12-17-18_10-36-17 AM.pngChad: This lighting makes me look good!

Chad here is making another video. Chad though wants to start another career being an ambitious sim, so I might consider having him go back to work once Lenore finishes the Acting aspiration.

12-17-18_10-44-27 AM.pngOh hey these two are having another baby! Chad wanted to try for baby practically once Pyrrha was born.

12-17-18_10-44-47 AM.pngBefore Lenore shares the big news with Chad she gives him a peck on the cheek.

For one of Lenore’s milestone goals she needs to do a street performance, but for some reason that option wasn’t showing up. She just ended up practicing acting with Hero. Maby Lenore can only do this with fellow actors?

12-17-18_11-00-04 AM.pngThis message popped up while Lenore was out.

12-17-18_11-10-19 AM.pngChad does the honors.

12-17-18_11-17-04 AM.pngPyrrha in all her cuteness! She is Angelic.

12-17-18_11-18-03 AM.pngDad teaching her her first steps.

12-17-18_11-29-39 AM.pngOne round of potty training this time. Even though Chad did the super effective parenting option before he aged up Pyrrha she still aged up sleepy, so off to bed with her!

12-17-18_11-37-58 AM.pngOctavia: Hey there Lilith! Mind if I come in for a chat.

Lilith: No, not at all. I’d love a little company.

Octavia: Gerate!

Octavia does a few friendly interactions with Lilith, gives her a gift, then asks the all important question.

Octavia: So Lilith, will you turn me into a vampire?

Lilith: Sure! I’d love too! We can be best friends for eternity!

Overly eager Lilith was happy to have a new vampire friend and started Octavia down the path of eternal life.

Octavia hangs out for a little longer to chat with Lilith then says her goodbys.

Octavia: K, it’s a school night…I’ll see ya later…k bai!

12-17-18_9-09-59 PM.pngBack at home Orion finally makes best friends with Orson and moves on to the last tier of the social aspiration.

12-17-18_9-13-37 PM.pngLenore teaching Orion the ways of Conflict resolution. Chad needs at least one of his kids with 3 positive traits. Bran is the closest with 2 traits in range and one more like a third done.

12-17-18_9-17-27 PM.pngOctavia: Nope, this salad is not satisfying at all!

12-17-18_9-22-08 PM.pngTo take Octavia’s mind off of how uncomfortable her stomach is right now I have her do yoga so at least she is focused.

It’s Harvestfest time, so let the appeasement begin!

Poor Bran wasn’t so successful.

12-17-18_9-30-32 PM.pngHowever Octavia was more successful. She gave the bear gnome a toy.

Pyrrha was a little scared of the slide so papa Chad came out to help and Lenore came out to watch this cuteness.

12-17-18_10-33-57 PM.pngThen Octavia came to check up on her sister and Pyrrha wanted to do some flash cards.

Back at the studio Lenore suffered another makeup mishap. But she does look good with red hair.

12-17-18_11-06-35 PM.pngThough Lenore only got silver for the gig she got a promotion!

Octavia is now a creature of the night, but her outfit needed a serious overhaul.

12-17-18_11-51-46 PM.pngFor her first meal Octavia invited a friend from school over. She of course asked if she could have a bite, cause she’s polite like that.

Then Orion decides to set his chemistry table on fire. Look at him walkin’ away from the scene of the crime with no care in the world.

12-18-18_8-22-20 AM.pngOrion started a social club so he can meet new friends.

12-18-18_8-30-50 AM.pngChad: Wait, what are we doing here?

Lenore: Having a baby, duh.

So these two waited hours, and hours, and hours for a doctor to show up but night went and morning came and still no doctor. I had to send them home so Lenore could have the baby.

Chad looks pissed at this lack of service.

12-18-18_8-45-16 AM.pngWell despite all the drama Lenore happily welcomes baby Rowan to the family. I have been pretty luck so far that I’m coming out even with boys and girls so far. Lenore and Chad have 12 kids so far and 6 girls and 6 boys. Hopefully I can continue this streak (knock on wood and cross my fingers).

12-18-18_8-48-19 AM.pngBran entered the world of retail. Hope he survives the experience.

Orion called together his club and made friends with his brother Taliesin, one adult down one more to go. He’s not friends, yet, with this adorable girl but hopefully soon.

12-18-18_8-54-19 AM.pngIn other family news MCCC married off Hero. I don’t suspect she will have kids because she has the hates children trait, but story progression has surprised me before.

I’ll have to go into manage worlds next time I play to see who her husband is.

12-17-18_10-02-02 PM.pngAnd this little cutie pie is Bailey’s son Kane. The first grandchild. I’m also trying out some new cc eyes.

That’s all of the pictures I have so it’s off to play some more!

Baby Boom Challenge 12


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Teen

Bran — Boy # 3, Child

Octavia — Girl # 5, Child

Orion — Boy # 4, Toddler

Lincoln — Boy #5, Baby

11-18-18_12-20-13 AM.pngSo last chapter Lenore found out she was pregnant with baby #11 and here she is telling Chad about the baby! Despite how he looks he is very happy about the new addition.

11-18-18_1-07-02 AM.pngChad: What is it?

11-18-18_1-07-48 AM.pngOrion: Ummm….ahhh…dwum!

Chad: Haha….it sure does make a lot of noise when you hit it.

11-18-18_1-10-02 AM.pngOrion’s imagination abounds!

11-18-18_1-10-29 AM.pngChad has got some moves!

11-18-18_1-16-13 AM.pngLenore: Taliesin, my baby boy! How’s married life?

Tal: Married life suits me, I think.

11-18-18_1-21-20 AM.pngLincoln working on the all important communication skill.

11-18-18_1-30-17 AM.png

It’s Bran’s birthday…to the cake…to the cake!

11-18-18_1-34-55 AM.pngBran gives a mighty blow and out those candles go!

11-18-18_2-21-05 AM.pngBran looking very dashing, me thinks! He received the Geek trait an aspires to be a Renaissance Sim.

11-18-18_2-23-52 AM.pngThis is a Baby Boom Challenge so birthdays abound!

11-18-18_2-26-41 AM.pngScarlett wishes a wish.

11-18-18_2-39-27 AM.pngScarlett is sups gorgeous! She adds Childish to her traits.

We have a photo shoot and Scarlett and Bran’s photo get added to the portrait wall. Since Bran is a teen he will get another picture taken when he becomes a YA.

11-18-18_11-20-42 AM.pngLenore is hard at work on her acting skill.

11-18-18_11-21-24 AM.pngBirthdays, birthdays and more birthdays!

11-18-18_12-07-07 PM.pngBran is a Social Butterfly who will annoy his family by evangelize Vegetarianism while looking adorable!

11-18-18_11-51-35 AM.pngWe throw a party and Bailey shows up massively pregnant. It must be weird being pregnant at the same time as your mother.

11-18-18_11-48-30 AM.pngThe outside of the house finally gets painted.

11-18-18_12-12-34 PM.pngScarlett: Trent will you be mine forever and ever?

11-18-18_12-12-37 PM.pngTrent: You know I love you, but I’m just not ready for marriage.

11-18-18_12-12-48 PM.pngScarlett: But WHY?!

11-18-18_12-18-10 PM.pngScarlett: Loyal viewers today my proposal didn’t go over so well.

Scarlett makes an embarrassed vlog about her failed proposal.

11-18-18_5-56-54 PM.pngChad doing man of the house duties. Though Lenore is more than capable, but now she gets to focus on her career.

11-18-18_6-23-16 PM.pngBran takes Orion to the park so he can work on his aspiration. Bran meets a few potential new friends.

11-18-18_6-35-28 PM.pngBack at home Chad and Lincoln are bonding.

Scarlett’s second proposal goes over much better!

11-18-18_6-40-16 PM.pngAnd then they elope and Scarlett moves out with her new hubby Trent Iverson.


Baby Boom Challenge 11


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Teen

Bran — Boy # 3, Child

Octavia — Girl # 5, Child

Orion — Boy # 4, Toddler

Lincoln — Boy #5, Baby

Get Famous came out and I couldn’t wait to play it, so I moved the De Rolo’s to Del Sol  Valley and built them a new house!

11-17-18_9-51-54 PM.pngI ran out of money to paint the outside, and honestly I’m not sure I like the current paint job but I’ll live with it for now.


House makeover montage!

11-17-18_10-08-54 PM.pngChad is taking to his new role as stay at home dad well! And Orion loves his bubble bath.

11-17-18_10-16-41 PM.pngLenore painted this really cute painting that I would have kept if they didn’t need the money to complete the house.

11-17-18_10-21-54 PM.pngYay! They’re using the story corner! I’ll have to make it look better once they have the funds and I get back in the game to make it happen!


The boys and toddler rooms get paint on the walls.

11-17-18_10-33-26 PM.pngChad: Well hello there Diagon. We’ll be getting to spend more time together!

11-17-18_10-07-34 PM.pngBran completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and now has the physically gifted trait! He won’t be getting another aspiration as it is almost time for his birthday!

11-17-18_10-34-28 PM.pngNow that Chad is a stay at home dad I changed his aspiration to Super Parent. And look at those satisfaction points!

11-17-18_10-36-05 PM.pngThe welcome wagon showed up and Octavia Moon brought fruitcake.

11-17-18_10-52-06 PM.pngOrion still working on that motor skill. He still look unsure about the slide.

11-17-18_10-57-57 PM.pngHere are Orion’s skills so far. Movement is so close to getting mastered!

The view from their house is amazing, but I think I prefer the view from their Brendleton bay house a little more.

11-17-18_11-19-19 PM.pngFinally Lenore completes the Bestselling Author aspiration!

11-17-18_11-22-58 PM.pngNow she is going to do the Acting career! Which doesn’t really fit Lenore’s personality, but I really want to explore the new expansion pack!

11-17-18_11-23-29 PM.pngLenore did so well with her book she’s been nominated!

11-17-18_11-26-00 PM.pngThis is where Lenore’s heart truly is, with her family.

11-17-18_11-28-07 PM.pngJust because Chad is a stay at home dad doesn’t mean he is slowing down. He is an Ambitious sim after all.

11-17-18_11-46-50 PM.pngWell it’s time to meet toddler Lincoln!

11-17-18_11-55-54 PM.pngThis cutie pie is awarded the silly trait and is the third De Rolo to inherit Lenore’s eye color! The first being Bailey and second is Tova.

11-17-18_11-58-46 PM.pngUpstairs Octavia is working on making emotion potions for her aspiration.

11-17-18_11-59-47 PM.pngThis sparkling light means she has completed the science badge!

11-18-18_12-06-16 AM.pngScarlett too decides to do a vlog. And this lighting makes her look even more stunning, if that’s even possible.

11-18-18_12-06-39 AM.pngChad gets another youth potion. He doesn’t look too happy about it though.

11-18-18_12-17-29 AM.pngHowever, that soon changes 😉

11-18-18_12-19-47 AM.pngAnd baby #11 is on it’s way!

And I think I will end the chapter here on this happy note!