ISBI Chapters

Founder: Jude Moon


Chapter 0.1: This is Lunacy!

Chapter 0.2: We’re all Mad Here!

Generation One: Maxwell Moon


Chapter 1.0: Sibling Rivalry

Chapter 1.1: Bathroom Interruptus

Chapter 1.2: Our House

Chapter 1.3: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

Chapter 1.4: Sad Bella, Happy Couple

Chapter 1.5: Baffled and Confused 

Chapter 1.6: Family Matters

Chapter 1.7: Life is a Mess 

Chapter 1.8: Sibling Discontent

Chapter 1.9: Messes and Fails

Chapter 1.10: Rage Monster

Chapter 1.11: You Have To Be Odd To Be #1

Chapter 1.12: Passing Off The Torch

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Generation Two: Claire Moon

Chapter 2.0: The Trails and Tribulations of Claire Moon

Chapter 2.1: Triple Threat

Chapter 2.2: Failing is the Name of the Game

Chapter 2.3: Failing Like it’s Going out of Style

Chapter 2.4: Attack of the Bees

Chapter 2.5: The Bees are at it Again

Chapter 2.6: It’s Not All Golden

Generation 3: Marty Moon

Chapter 3.0: Brush with Fame

Chapter 3.1: A Date with Fame

Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the Family

Chapter 3.3: Marty the Erratic Celebrity

Chapter 3.4: When My Time Comes

Chapter 3.5: Where Things Happen but no one Fails

Chapter 3.6: The Moons Take on Strangerville

Chapter 3.7: Over Achievers