Chapter 3.3: Marty the Erratic Celebrity

12-01-18_9-49-54 AM.pngMarty: Welcome back loyal viewers! As you may have remembered I got married recently and had a son Thaddeus. Please stay tuned for more updates and remember to hit that subscribe button!

12-01-18_10-06-54 AM.pngVanessa being a good ISBI mom.

12-01-18_10-18-55 AM.pngVanessa spends a lot of time cleaning these desks, several times a day in fact.

12-01-18_10-23-33 AM.png

Marty rolled a wish to try for another baby.12-01-18_10-25-03 AM.pngVanessa was more than happy to oblige.

12-01-18_10-28-05 AM.png

There will definitely be a next time!

12-01-18_10-28-31 AM.pngMarty adores his son.

12-01-18_10-32-15 AM.pngMarty gets calls from all of his sisters regularly so he decided to take them out. First stop the gym.

Then he took them to the Orchid-A-Go-Go lounge where he did a comedy routine. Unfortunately his sisters were dead tired.

12-01-18_10-41-33 AM.pngMarty got a good crowd going he even got to play with Thornton Bailey, and when Kiera woke up from her nap she even gave Marty her monetary support.

12-01-18_10-43-08 AM.pngThen sad news struck, Aunt Ryder has passed away. Leaving Claire and Wash the last of generation two.

12-01-18_11-20-27 AM.pngThe Gnomes have invaded Claire’s bedroom. They’re getting a little creepy.

Marty needs one more Gold date with his wifey.

12-01-18_11-39-21 AM.pngWhere Marty challenges a sim to a dance off then he goes into the bathroom to dance and looks like he hit himself. Smooth move Marty, smooth.

12-01-18_11-43-13 AM.pngThe second date took place at a cafe.

12-01-18_11-46-25 AM.pngBoth dates were a success. Now all Marty needs to do is 16 more romantic gestures.

12-01-18_12-00-52 PM.pngThis I believe is the first time anyone has used the microscope. 12-01-18_12-02-41 PM.pngMarty now has a Fame Quirk. Marty took the corporate partnership fame perk.

Marty experiencing his first emotional bomb.

12-01-18_12-12-09 PM.pngClaire has been autonomously painting when she’s not a work.

12-01-18_12-16-21 PM.pngClaire being a good ISBI grandma.

Marty used Claire’s painting as inspiration for his style vision board. I’m excited to see what he can do with this once he completes a vision board.

12-01-18_12-28-39 PM.pngMarty letting his erratic nature show by editing a video in his birthday suit.

Apparently editing a video in the buff inspired Marty so much…


12-01-18_12-37-08 PM.pngHe decided to record a video in the nude. He needs to label this video viewer discretion advised.

12-01-18_12-38-44 PM.pngMarty: *gasp* It’s my son’s birthday! How’d he get so big so fast?

12-01-18_12-52-06 PM.pngMeet the cutest member of the Moon family to date, Thaddeus Moon! He is Angelic. I took a page from Livvielove’s Ghibli Legacy and downloaded a mod that lets kids inherit the unnatural hair colors.

12-01-18_1-11-31 PM.pngMarty’s old bedroom got a little makeover.

12-01-18_1-13-43 PM.pngThad doing his victory potty dance.

12-01-18_1-14-32 PM.pngClaire got a promotion! +10pts! Looking back on the score sheet I didn’t count Jude getting to the top of his career as he reached it when he was no longer the TH.

12-01-18_1-38-14 PM.pngA fun break in between potty lessons.

12-01-18_1-39-57 PM.pngThad was not happy, but he reached level two in the potty skill.

12-01-18_1-40-14 PM.pngAnd he quickly got over the traumatic experience.

12-01-18_1-41-06 PM.pngThad just can’t contain his cuteness, nor should he!

12-02-18_1-11-08 AM.pngVanessa and Marty try and give Thad a sibling.

12-02-18_1-13-28 AM.pngThis time it’s a success!

12-02-18_1-14-19 AM.pngMarty is very happy with this development!

12-02-18_1-20-50 AM.pngThad: Dwanc wit me kitty!

12-02-18_1-21-22 AM.pngThad is your typical toddler when  left unsupervised.

12-02-18_1-30-17 AM.pngSo to keep him occupied Marty shows him some flash cards.

12-02-18_6-46-07 PM.pngMarty: My dear you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Vanessa: I know dear, I know.

12-02-18_6-48-19 PM.pngAnd with that Marty has completed his aspiration! That’s +10 pts and another +5 for completing his last milestone!

12-02-18_6-53-19 PM.pngThe computer Claire got for reaching the top of the science career!

12-02-18_9-13-27 PM.pngThen we get this dreaded notice.

12-02-18_9-13-32 PM.pngMarty gets a promotion.

12-02-18_9-34-47 PM.pngMarty takes Vanessa to one of his gigs. Where he sarandes her with his sweet, sweet tunes.

12-02-18_9-47-55 PM.pngMarty! You’re in a public place! Put some clothes on!

12-02-18_9-48-17 PM.pngMarty: Ah! Nothing like taking a shower in nature. So freeing!

These two are just breaking my heart with how cute they are!

The latest look at Marty’s vision board.

12-02-18_10-18-47 PM.pngHe now has a sketchpad.

12-02-18_10-23-18 PM.pngWhere he drew this creepy drawing . I sold it.

12-02-18_10-45-53 PM.pngIt’s almost time to meet the newest addition to the family!

12-02-18_10-49-25 PM.pngMarty has a melt down in the delivery room.

Marty: I just can’t look.


12-02-18_10-54-17 PM.pngWelcome baby girl Esme. Esme means: esteemed; beloved also emerald.

12-02-18_10-57-10 PM.pngThese two are adorable.

12-02-18_10-58-29 PM.pngIt’s poor Peanuts time to go.


12-02-18_11-00-52 PM.pngAnd poor Thad will be scared for life.

12-02-18_11-04-39 PM.pngClaire’s rackin’ in the dough like a boss. This also gets her Notable Newcomer status. And that’s it for this chapter!


Self-Wetting: 14 (-5) = -70

Pass Out: 18 = (-5) -90

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 10 (-10)= -100

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 7 (+5)= 35

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 14 (+5)= 70

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 4 (+10)= 40

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 3 (+10)= 30

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 5 (+5)= 25

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : 2(+10)= 20

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 3(+10)= 30

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 3(+10)= 30

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 2(+20)=40

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 4(+5)= 20

Total: 65+80= 145


Baby Boom Challenge 14


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Bran — Boy #3, Teen

Octavia — Girl #5, Teen

Orion — Boy #4, Child

Lincoln — Boy #5, Child

Pyrrha — Girl #6, Toddler

Rowan — Boy #6, Baby

01-08-19_4-15-00 PM.pngWe first check in with Pyrrha working on her movement skill. I can’t tell if she is having fun or not.

01-08-19_4-16-56 PM.pngOctavia: Um…Tal..would you possibly let me have a bit of your blood?

Tal: What? Ew grose! No way!

Octavia: Just a little?

Tal: I’m going home.

01-08-19_4-21-49 PM.pngSomehow that interaction was enough to get Octavia to minor vampire status.

01-08-19_4-31-45 PM.pngBran needs to get 4 skills to level 4 and logic is one of them, so Octavia being the awesome sister she is helps him out.

Orion invites his club over. Allie, the adorable girl from the end of last chapter, is now a teen so she won’t count towards Orion’s aspiration. But Jalen, the red head, will.

01-08-19_5-08-16 PM.pngLenore lets her daughter drink from her.

01-08-19_5-11-03 PM.pngOctavia finished a milestone!

Though Taliesin was grossed out by the thought of his sister feeding off of him he wasn’t opposed to being the first vampire she turns.

01-08-19_5-24-06 PM.pngNext victim…er…offspring is Billy Caliente.

01-08-19_5-34-25 PM.pngOrion befriends Arya and only needs to befriend one more adult to complete his aspiration.

His childhood friends are: Orson, Jalen, and Ayra

Adult friends: Taliesin.

01-08-19_5-37-49 PM.pngThird addition to Octavia’s vampire family is her sister Scarlett.

01-08-19_5-42-24 PM.pngLenore passed her audition!

01-08-19_5-54-49 PM.pngLincoln is hard at work on his aspiration.

01-08-19_6-17-40 PM.pngBran has three positive traits in range, he just needs to keep them in range so Chad can complete his aspiration.

01-08-19_6-17-55 PM.pngOctavia: Heheh this book bites!

01-08-19_6-24-08 PM.pngChad helps Pyrrha with her thinking skill.

01-08-19_6-27-16 PM.pngLenore finally is able to do a street performance, and Chad comes out to support is wife reenact a romantic scene with another man.

01-08-19_6-28-10 PM.pngMilestone complete!

01-08-19_6-43-56 PM.pngBirthday time!

01-08-19_6-45-46 PM.pngBefore Rowan ages up Lenore downs a youth potion.

01-08-19_6-53-25 PM.pngLook at this cutie pie! He has his mama’s eyes. He is also a Silly toddler.

01-08-19_8-43-29 PM.pngPoor baby was scarred learning to use the potty, so big bro Bran came over to console the little tyke.

Monday means project time. This time they have to do their projects by themselves. Octavia does not look pleased.

01-08-19_9-17-34 PM.pngOh look it’s story time. Now that Tal has the keys to the house he’s practically here every day, not that I mind but I probably should invite the other adult siblings over more.

01-08-19_9-19-26 PM.pngPyrrha went around the house contemplating what everything means.

Tal is now a vampire.

While working on his project Lincoln finished his aspiration.

So due to the makeup artist and the costume artist putting the wrong thing on Lenore, she didn’t have time to finish all her tasks so she only got bronze for this gig.

01-09-19_1-00-34 PM.pngBack at home Octavia turns her fourth vampire.

01-09-19_1-05-44 pmIt also happens to be Winterfest. Bran helps his dad decorate the tree for a little bit.

01-09-19_1-07-01 PM.pngWhile he was on his way to visit Octavia Billy goes through his change.

01-09-19_1-11-14 PM.pngAnd somewhere along the way he got hit with lightning.

Octavia decides to put some prank gifts in the pile.

01-09-19_1-12-20 PM.pngScarlett goes threw her transformation.

01-09-19_1-12-48 PM.pngFinally with a day to spare Orion was able to complete his aspiration before his birthday!

01-09-19_1-36-33 PM.pngBut first it’s Pyrrha’s birthday.

01-09-19_1-52-10 PM.pngSo pretty! She rolled Music Lover.

I think I will end the chapter here.

Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the Family

Marty: Dearest Vanessa, I know we started off on the wrong foot, with me following you outside the gym on a cold winter’s day, but I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Will you marry me?

Vanessa: Oh the rose, the ring, the park, how could I say no?

11-30-18_2-17-54 PM.pngAfter the proposal in the park they go home to celebrate and Mary completes the first tier of his aspiration.

11-30-18_2-21-43 PM.pngClaire: Congratulations Marty, you snagged a good one.

Marty: Thanks mom.

The woman in the heart dress is Cassandra, Elias’ daughter. Apparently she and Vanessa dislike eachother. I’ve had Marty try to repair the relationship, but they only tolerate eachothers existence, barely.

Wedding montage! I just love the way Marty is looking at that cake like damn that’s my wedding cake.

11-30-18_2-32-56 PM.pngSo with the conclusion of the wedding Mary moves on to the next tier of his aspiration, and apparently he already completed one goal.

11-30-18_2-43-56 PM.pngClaire had her teen picture taken, but I wanted another one.

11-30-18_2-53-00 PM.pngAnd Vanessa rockin’ her portrait like a star. I feel a little bad she won’t be able to complete her aspiration, but she and Marty are going to have super cute kiddos.

11-30-18_2-55-51 PM.pngMarty is doing pretty well in the stylist career.

11-30-18_2-56-19 PM.pngHe got this cool new sketchpad.

11-30-18_7-09-32 PM.pngI had Marty go down to Orchid a GO Go for some reason, but I can’t remember what that reason was, but he got Judith Ward’s autograph which he was ecstatic about.

11-30-18_7-10-59 PM.pngVanessa also went with him, so maybe they went on a date.

Back at home was Clair’s birthday. Due to the CC I use elders don’t look like elders so I went in to CAS and gave her some wrinkles. She still looks really pretty.

11-30-18_7-29-24 AM.pngClaire goes to do some laundry, but because she is on autonomy I guess she doesn’t think to check the lint trap and instead sets fire to herself.

These next to pictures are out of order, I didn’t realize until I was halfway finished writing this chapter.

11-30-18_7-30-12 AM.pngLuckily Marty and Vanessa were on top of things. Still a whopping -10 pts.

Poor Thimble has left this mortal coil.

These two are just too cute. They go on two dates back to back and complete the third tier for Marty’s aspiration.

11-30-18_8-00-25 PM.pngAnd another promotion for Marty!

After their date the happy couple goes home to celebrate.

Vanessa: Hey Marty, I have some good news!…

11-30-18_8-26-07 PM.pngVanessa: We’re going to be parents!

Marty: Uh…that’s great…I’m going to do some yoga now….

Vanessa: Oh…okay…..

11-30-18_8-57-58 PM.pngMarty is so nervous about being a dad he does yoga till he stanky!

11-30-18_9-00-06 PM.pngWhile Marty is contemplating the new chapter in his life Peanut enters a new chapter in hers; she is now an elder.

11-30-18_9-08-38 PM.pngMarty: Bad kitty!

Peanut: hisss

Marty: Hissss!

11-30-18_9-10-07 PM.pngThere was a bit of a glitch where Peanut got stuck on the counter. I was able to fix it by removing a counter then replacing it, but she was up their for a day or two before I fixed it.

11-30-18_9-42-10 PM.pngMarty: Well viewers you asked for it, I got a new drone and it will follow me on today’s adventures!

11-30-18_9-45-19 PM.pngIt pretty much recorded him moving around the house doing chores, but he got Notable Newcomer so that’s cool.

11-30-18_9-49-39 PM.pngVanessa: I don’t think I like being pregnant. I’m always hungry, I have to go to the bathroom every five minutes and my feet are so swollen!

12-01-18_8-09-20 AM.pngVanessa: Take that punching bag! And that!

12-01-18_8-26-00 AM.pngMarty: Nothing sexier than my pregnant wife boxing. Kiddo your mom is a badass.

Vanessa: Awe thanks honey.

12-01-18_9-04-03 AM.pngMarty: Hey Peanut what’s up?

Peanut: *Meows mournfully*

Marty: Best take you to the Vet.

Marty: Here we are Peanut. Let’s get you feeling better.

I forget what Peanut had, but the vet was able to cure her.

12-01-18_9-24-12 AM.pngWhen Marty and Peanut got back from the vets Vanessa went into labor!

12-01-18_9-25-46 AM.pngVanessa: I’m in labor, I need a room now!

12-01-18_9-26-02 AM.pngMarty: Yep this is the best time to be browsing the web.

12-01-18_9-27-38 AM.pngVanessa: Finally you tore yourself away from the computer.

Marty: Oh dear! Oh this is happening too fast!

Vanessa: I can’t even look at you right now.

Welcome baby boy Thaddeus Moon. The naming theme for this generation is love; any theme to do with love, hearts, romance, etc…..

Thaddeus means heart or courageous heart.

12-01-18_9-45-46 AM.pngBefore she left for the hospital she took out the trash.

12-01-18_9-48-34 AM.pngI’ll leave you here with Marty introducing himself to his son.


11-30-18_2-11-49 PM.pngRuby Quigley is now a teenager. She looks a lot like Winter, but the red hair reminds me of Lucy.


Self-Wetting: 14 (-5) = -70

Pass Out: 18 = (-5) -90

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 10 (-10)= -100

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 6 (+5)= 30

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 13 (+5)= 65

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 3 (+10)= 30

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 5 (+5)= 25

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 3(+10)= 30

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 3= 30(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 4(+5)= 20

Total: 65

Baby Boom Challenge 13


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Bran — Boy # 3, Teen

Octavia — Girl # 5, Child

Orion — Boy # 4, Child

Lincoln — Boy #5, Child

12-17-18_8-26-47 AM.png

Starting off this chapter right with in introduction to a new family member!

12-17-18_8-29-00 AM.pngBut before we do Lenore goes to her audition before I could stop her. I assumed she’d come back before her audition was done, but no she powered though it and passed! Cause she’s a savage like that.

12-17-18_8-30-28 AM.pngAnd then she decides she wants to give Lincoln a bath. At this point I was like: you do you gurl!

12-17-18_8-31-01 AM.pngAnd where was Chad, you ask? Having a pre-parental freak out behind the wall.

12-17-18_8-39-14 AM.pngLenore gave birth to baby girl Pyrrha! Pronounced p EE r r aa for those that are curious. She is named after the character Pyrrha Nikos from the web series RWBY.

12-17-18_8-43-13 AM.pngAfter Chad’s freak out he goes and continues Lincoln’s potty training.

Then the kids come home with projects. Chad helps Bran, Orion ropes in a classmate he brought home, and Octavia gets help from Lenore.

12-17-18_8-46-46 AM.pngAfter her project Octavia completed her aspiration!12-17-18_9-03-17 AM.pngTaliesin came by to visit his new baby sister.

12-17-18_9-03-52 AM.pngAnd it’s Lincoln’s birthday!

12-17-18_9-07-27 AM.pngLook at that face!

12-17-18_9-15-12 AM-2.pngLincoln is now a Neat Artistic Prodigy. He looks a lot like Lenore.

12-17-18_9-21-08 AM.pngOrion meeting big bro Taliesin for the first time.

12-17-18_9-23-45 AM.pngChad: Here son, you now have keys to the house.

Tal: Um…really…thanks dad.

His expression looks like: Really?What am I going to do with that?

At work Lenore wasn’t happy with her first makeover. Pink hair isn’t really her look. But she killed the commercial and came home with a gold acting gig.

12-17-18_9-51-19 AM.pngShe did so well she was nominated!

Next up in the birthday line up is Octavia.

12-17-18_10-19-30 AM.pngOctavia Loves Music and wants a Vampire family.

12-17-18_10-21-14 AM.pngDiagon is a very talented rodent. I put up the postcard in Bran and Orion’s room.

12-17-18_10-26-39 AM.pngChad has entered parent mode. Also the photos on the back wall remind me to get Octavia’s picture.

Orion is trying to get his social milestone completed by becoming BFFs with Orson here. He doesn’t manage it here but he does later.

12-17-18_10-31-23 AM.pngAnd Diagon is now in Rodent heaven. I’m not sure if I want to get another rodent pet for the family.

12-17-18_10-36-17 AM.pngChad: This lighting makes me look good!

Chad here is making another video. Chad though wants to start another career being an ambitious sim, so I might consider having him go back to work once Lenore finishes the Acting aspiration.

12-17-18_10-44-27 AM.pngOh hey these two are having another baby! Chad wanted to try for baby practically once Pyrrha was born.

12-17-18_10-44-47 AM.pngBefore Lenore shares the big news with Chad she gives him a peck on the cheek.

For one of Lenore’s milestone goals she needs to do a street performance, but for some reason that option wasn’t showing up. She just ended up practicing acting with Hero. Maby Lenore can only do this with fellow actors?

12-17-18_11-00-04 AM.pngThis message popped up while Lenore was out.

12-17-18_11-10-19 AM.pngChad does the honors.

12-17-18_11-17-04 AM.pngPyrrha in all her cuteness! She is Angelic.

12-17-18_11-18-03 AM.pngDad teaching her her first steps.

12-17-18_11-29-39 AM.pngOne round of potty training this time. Even though Chad did the super effective parenting option before he aged up Pyrrha she still aged up sleepy, so off to bed with her!

12-17-18_11-37-58 AM.pngOctavia: Hey there Lilith! Mind if I come in for a chat.

Lilith: No, not at all. I’d love a little company.

Octavia: Gerate!

Octavia does a few friendly interactions with Lilith, gives her a gift, then asks the all important question.

Octavia: So Lilith, will you turn me into a vampire?

Lilith: Sure! I’d love too! We can be best friends for eternity!

Overly eager Lilith was happy to have a new vampire friend and started Octavia down the path of eternal life.

Octavia hangs out for a little longer to chat with Lilith then says her goodbys.

Octavia: K, it’s a school night…I’ll see ya later…k bai!

12-17-18_9-09-59 PM.pngBack at home Orion finally makes best friends with Orson and moves on to the last tier of the social aspiration.

12-17-18_9-13-37 PM.pngLenore teaching Orion the ways of Conflict resolution. Chad needs at least one of his kids with 3 positive traits. Bran is the closest with 2 traits in range and one more like a third done.

12-17-18_9-17-27 PM.pngOctavia: Nope, this salad is not satisfying at all!

12-17-18_9-22-08 PM.pngTo take Octavia’s mind off of how uncomfortable her stomach is right now I have her do yoga so at least she is focused.

It’s Harvestfest time, so let the appeasement begin!

Poor Bran wasn’t so successful.

12-17-18_9-30-32 PM.pngHowever Octavia was more successful. She gave the bear gnome a toy.

Pyrrha was a little scared of the slide so papa Chad came out to help and Lenore came out to watch this cuteness.

12-17-18_10-33-57 PM.pngThen Octavia came to check up on her sister and Pyrrha wanted to do some flash cards.

Back at the studio Lenore suffered another makeup mishap. But she does look good with red hair.

12-17-18_11-06-35 PM.pngThough Lenore only got silver for the gig she got a promotion!

Octavia is now a creature of the night, but her outfit needed a serious overhaul.

12-17-18_11-51-46 PM.pngFor her first meal Octavia invited a friend from school over. She of course asked if she could have a bite, cause she’s polite like that.

Then Orion decides to set his chemistry table on fire. Look at him walkin’ away from the scene of the crime with no care in the world.

12-18-18_8-22-20 AM.pngOrion started a social club so he can meet new friends.

12-18-18_8-30-50 AM.pngChad: Wait, what are we doing here?

Lenore: Having a baby, duh.

So these two waited hours, and hours, and hours for a doctor to show up but night went and morning came and still no doctor. I had to send them home so Lenore could have the baby.

Chad looks pissed at this lack of service.

12-18-18_8-45-16 AM.pngWell despite all the drama Lenore happily welcomes baby Rowan to the family. I have been pretty luck so far that I’m coming out even with boys and girls so far. Lenore and Chad have 12 kids so far and 6 girls and 6 boys. Hopefully I can continue this streak (knock on wood and cross my fingers).

12-18-18_8-48-19 AM.pngBran entered the world of retail. Hope he survives the experience.

Orion called together his club and made friends with his brother Taliesin, one adult down one more to go. He’s not friends, yet, with this adorable girl but hopefully soon.

12-18-18_8-54-19 AM.pngIn other family news MCCC married off Hero. I don’t suspect she will have kids because she has the hates children trait, but story progression has surprised me before.

I’ll have to go into manage worlds next time I play to see who her husband is.

12-17-18_10-02-02 PM.pngAnd this little cutie pie is Bailey’s son Kane. The first grandchild. I’m also trying out some new cc eyes.

That’s all of the pictures I have so it’s off to play some more!

Chapter 3.1: A Date with Fame

Last time Marty took over as TH and went into the style career. He met some simi-famous sims and took the stage with Thornton Bailey; now Marty has a taste for fame.

11-29-18_1-32-11 PM.pngWe sadly start off the chapter with a death in the family. Winter Moon Quigley has passed on leaving husband John Quigley and daughters Ruby, Weiss, and Blake.

11-29-18_1-54-13 PM.pngYou saw a peek of Marty (originally Keira’s) bedroom last time. Here is a better view.

11-29-18_1-55-28 PM.pngMarty also got a media center.

It’s the spice festival so I send Marty and Amy out to try and have some fun.

Marty: Fun…how am I supposed to have fun when my beloved Aunt just died?

Amy: Ditto.

It’s not like you three were super close…

Marty: How dare you imply my grief is less because we didn’t know eachother well! She was still my aunt!

Amy: Double ditto!

-You’re right, you’re right….my bad, sorry 0-o.

11-29-18_1-57-42 PM.pngWhile Marty was at the spice festival Claire got a promotion! So now that Claire is not a TH if she reaches the top of her career can I count it, or does it not count because she is a former TH?

Amy and Marty entered the spicy challenge and both failed. I wasn’t expecting that they would pass seeing as both never had a spicy dish in their lives.

Mary: So you did this to torture us?

No…In my defense there WAS a chance you’d pass and get a cool t-shirt.

Amy: *hmph* Some defense!

11-29-18_2-28-15 PM.pngMarty was in need for some fun so I sent him to the karaoke bar.

11-29-18_2-37-29 PM.pngThen sent him to the Gym in Del Sol Valley to seek out a potential spouse.

11-29-18_2-39-19 PM.pngWhere he gets his flirt on with Vanessa Jeong. 11-29-18_2-44-04 PM.pngAnd a successful first kiss!

11-29-18_2-45-15 PM.pngMarty: Wait….where are you going?

Vanessa: I’m tired….I’m going home.

11-29-18_2-45-28 PM.pngMary: Wait before you go…11-29-18_2-45-31 PM.pngVanessa: I SAID I WAS TIRED!

Marty has now officially entered creeper territory. I feel a little bad, I pushed him when he was tired.

11-29-18_10-48-53 PM.pngMarty: You’re the only one that understands me Thimble.

11-29-18_10-52-22 PM.pngClaire: *hisss*

Marty: Being single and living with my mom is the best! Please help!

11-29-18_10-52-46 PM.pngPeanut doing what cats do.

11-29-18_10-56-38 PM.pngWhile Marty is bemoaning his fate Thimble becomes a medical marvel!

Another night out on the town for Marty. First doing a gig with Thornton Bailey yet again! Then to the gym for some meditative yoga.

11-29-18_11-14-06 PM.pngMarty: Hey Vanessa, I want to apologize for the other night. I pushed it too far and I’m sorry.

Vanessa: I understand. Having a brush with fame can make you do some crazy things. We can still be friends.

11-29-18_11-17-05 PM.pngMarty: Great! Let’s exchange numbers!

Vanessa: That’s a great idea!

Marty: Hey wanna go to the lounge?

Vanessa: Yeah! I hear that sometimes Thornton Bailey make an appearance there!


They have quite the successful date where Marty asks Vanessa to be his girlfriend and she gleefully says yes.

11-30-18_7-27-23 AM.pngThey also become best friends and Marty askes her to move in with him.

Love is in the air!

Next time I’ll properly introduce you to Vanessa (though she is on the Sim 4 wiki).

Chapter 3.0: Brush with Fame

Last time the triplets aged up into teens and at the end of the chapter I posted an heir poll. And the willer of that heir poll is…….Marty Moon! But we will have to wait a hot second before he takes over.

11-29-18_10-33-23 AM.pngClaire decides to throw another party, but she won’t be able to complete her aspiration before the triplets turn into young adults. But I do need to  remind myself to count each milestone everyone complets as they are points and I haven’t been doing this all the time.

11-29-18_10-35-09 AM.pngRyder has a weird sense of style.

11-29-18_10-48-21 AM.png

It’s a shame we won’t be able to complete Claire’s aspiration as she only needs to earn gold on 2 parties. But there is only a day left and it’s Winterfest and I can’t throw goal parties on holidays.

11-29-18_11-17-45 AM.pngMarty what are you doing? (-5pts)

11-29-18_11-18-15 AM.pngSince Marty passed out he missed the tree decorating. Which I’m sure he is bummed about.

It’s time to open presents. Claire is none too happy with her gift. Someone gave her a carrot. I forget what Marty got.

11-29-18_11-34-20 AM.pngPeanut finally found the pet bed.

The triplets blow out their cake.

Marty’s final trait is Vegetarian, Rose’s last trait is Music Lover, and Amy’s final trait is Vegetarian. Marty is now officially the TH!

11-29-18_12-28-30 PM.pngFather Winter show up and Marty has a present for him. I believe it’s a mushroom, but Father Winter seems to enjoy the gift.

11-29-18_12-30-17 PM.pngFather Winter leaves his presents. It’s seems like he left more than usual.

11-29-18_12-32-28 PM.pngEveryone took their turns opening their gifts from Father Winter and then chatted with him for a bit.

11-29-18_12-34-10 PM.pngMarty also got the Responsible trait so that’s (+5pts)!

11-29-18_12-34-28 PM.pngMarty spends some time on the treadmill….

11-29-18_12-39-31 PM.png….before chowing down on the grand meal. Hey a guys gotta make room for all of that food right?

11-29-18_12-45-16 PM.pngKeira, Rose, and Amy move out. Rose is quite ecstatic at the prospect of moving out with her sisters.

11-29-18_12-49-57 PM.png

Marty enters the style career. I don’t know if I will have him finish this career, but I want to explore everything Get Famous has to offer.

11-29-18_12-53-09 PM.pngMarty: Oh.My. Plumbob! It’s you! Kayla Flemming! Eep!

Kayla: Um…yeah…do I know you?

Marty: No, but I know you….er at least your work.

11-29-18_12-53-58 PM.pngHey look behind Marty, it’s Wash Moon!

11-29-18_12-56-15 PM.pngMarty: Oh my goodness you’re signing an autograph for me!

Marty calm down a bit okay?

11-29-18_12-58-14 PM.pngMarty: Vanessa Jeong you’re so amazing!

11-29-18_1-02-28 PM.pngMarty needs to calm down a bit so we will leave him here to sweat it out. And look Kiera is here too!

11-29-18_1-11-12 PM.pngMarty decides to head to the lounge to do a comedy routine.

11-29-18_1-12-46 PM.pngAnd he got a taste for fame.

11-29-18_1-14-45 PM.pngHe even got to share the stage with Thornton Bailey!

11-29-18_1-16-10 PM.pngVanessa shows up and Marty tries to befriend her, but I don’t think she is impressed.

11-29-18_1-30-31 PM.pngMarty heads home to write up his interviews in his new room.

Before I end the chapter we have some extras…


Left to right is Weiss and Blake. Winter and John’s daughters.

Self-Wetting: 14 (-5) = -70

Pass Out: 18 = (-5) -90

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 9 (-10)= -90

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 12 (+5)= 60

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 3 (+10)= 30

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 5 (+5)= 25

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 3(+10)= 30

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 3= 30(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 4(+5)= 20

Total: 65


Baby Boom Challenge 12


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Teen

Bran — Boy # 3, Child

Octavia — Girl # 5, Child

Orion — Boy # 4, Toddler

Lincoln — Boy #5, Baby

11-18-18_12-20-13 AM.pngSo last chapter Lenore found out she was pregnant with baby #11 and here she is telling Chad about the baby! Despite how he looks he is very happy about the new addition.

11-18-18_1-07-02 AM.pngChad: What is it?

11-18-18_1-07-48 AM.pngOrion: Ummm….ahhh…dwum!

Chad: Haha….it sure does make a lot of noise when you hit it.

11-18-18_1-10-02 AM.pngOrion’s imagination abounds!

11-18-18_1-10-29 AM.pngChad has got some moves!

11-18-18_1-16-13 AM.pngLenore: Taliesin, my baby boy! How’s married life?

Tal: Married life suits me, I think.

11-18-18_1-21-20 AM.pngLincoln working on the all important communication skill.

11-18-18_1-30-17 AM.png

It’s Bran’s birthday…to the cake…to the cake!

11-18-18_1-34-55 AM.pngBran gives a mighty blow and out those candles go!

11-18-18_2-21-05 AM.pngBran looking very dashing, me thinks! He received the Geek trait an aspires to be a Renaissance Sim.

11-18-18_2-23-52 AM.pngThis is a Baby Boom Challenge so birthdays abound!

11-18-18_2-26-41 AM.pngScarlett wishes a wish.

11-18-18_2-39-27 AM.pngScarlett is sups gorgeous! She adds Childish to her traits.

We have a photo shoot and Scarlett and Bran’s photo get added to the portrait wall. Since Bran is a teen he will get another picture taken when he becomes a YA.

11-18-18_11-20-42 AM.pngLenore is hard at work on her acting skill.

11-18-18_11-21-24 AM.pngBirthdays, birthdays and more birthdays!

11-18-18_12-07-07 PM.pngBran is a Social Butterfly who will annoy his family by evangelize Vegetarianism while looking adorable!

11-18-18_11-51-35 AM.pngWe throw a party and Bailey shows up massively pregnant. It must be weird being pregnant at the same time as your mother.

11-18-18_11-48-30 AM.pngThe outside of the house finally gets painted.

11-18-18_12-12-34 PM.pngScarlett: Trent will you be mine forever and ever?

11-18-18_12-12-37 PM.pngTrent: You know I love you, but I’m just not ready for marriage.

11-18-18_12-12-48 PM.pngScarlett: But WHY?!

11-18-18_12-18-10 PM.pngScarlett: Loyal viewers today my proposal didn’t go over so well.

Scarlett makes an embarrassed vlog about her failed proposal.

11-18-18_5-56-54 PM.pngChad doing man of the house duties. Though Lenore is more than capable, but now she gets to focus on her career.

11-18-18_6-23-16 PM.pngBran takes Orion to the park so he can work on his aspiration. Bran meets a few potential new friends.

11-18-18_6-35-28 PM.pngBack at home Chad and Lincoln are bonding.

Scarlett’s second proposal goes over much better!

11-18-18_6-40-16 PM.pngAnd then they elope and Scarlett moves out with her new hubby Trent Iverson.