Baby Boom Challenge 10


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Peter — Boy # 2, Teen

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Teen

Bran — Boy # 3, Child

Octavia — Girl # 5, Child

Orion — Boy # 4, Baby

09-20-18_2-06-42 PM.pngWe start off the chapter with some good news! Lenore is pregnant with baby #10!

09-20-18_2-12-34 PM.pngSome family members gather in the study to work on their skills. Lenore is reading to Octavia. And both Chad and Peter are working on their programing skills.

09-20-18_2-14-45 PM.pngWith her reading done Octavia works on her mental skill.

09-20-18_2-15-58 PM.pngLenore autonomously cleans the grill!

09-20-18_2-17-09 PM.pngSo this little guy’s name is Diagon.

Bran showing off his basketball skills.

09-20-18_2-25-50 PM.pngScarlett: Hey  Trent! Wanna stargaze with me?

Trent: Sure!

09-20-18_2-30-14 PM.pngScarlett: Look over there! I think that’s the planet Sixam.

Trent: *off stargazing somewhere else* Oh yeah, that’s pretty cool.

09-21-18_9-11-44 PM.pngI believe I put Scarlett in the babysitter career so she is working on her charisma skill.

09-21-18_9-16-28 PM.pngOctavia: Oh hey there little guy!

The next day is Prank Day! Scarlett invites Trent over to pull a prank. He actually thought it was pretty funny.

09-21-18_9-23-23 PM.pngScarlett: You know that sweater really shows off your physic really well.

Trent: Aww….thanks…um I like your hair.

09-21-18_9-27-53 PM.pngThe flirting goes really well and they have their first kiss.

09-21-18_9-30-01 PM.pngAnd their giddy with excitement becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

09-21-18_9-33-57 PM.pngOctavia joins the scouts.

09-21-18_9-41-16 PM.pngPeter invites his friend Nichole over for prank day.

Bran invited Jase over and they slapped each other silly.

09-21-18_9-51-21 PM.pngAnd then they went outside to play pirates.

09-21-18_9-56-01 PM.pngIt’s raining when Scarlett gets back from work and she is none too pleased.

09-21-18_10-05-14 PM.pngOh hey look! Orian is now a toddler!

09-21-18_10-13-12 PM.pngAnd here he is after a makeover. He is an angelic toddler.

09-21-18_10-19-53 PM.pngHe ages up pretty tired so off to bed little one.

09-21-18_10-39-21 PM.pngPotty time doesn’t go too well for this little tyke.

09-21-18_10-44-19 PM.pngLenore: There, there….it gets better I promise.

Peter: Hey Nichole I got you something.

Nichole: Really, what’s the occasion?

Peter: i just saw this and thought of you.

Nichole: Aww that’s really sweet!

09-21-18_10-48-33 PM.pngNichole then gave Peter this really sweet note.

09-21-18_10-51-05 PM.pngAnd they decided to go steady!

09-21-18_10-56-53 PM.pngOctavia brings  home a project.

09-21-18_10-58-52 PM.pngThis is the fastest way I have found to skill up the movement skill, which most of you probably already know, spamming the slide interaction.

Doesn’t Orion look like he is having a blast.

09-21-18_11-41-43 PM.pngOne of the kids finished their projet.

09-21-18_11-43-46 PM.pngChad: Damn, we’re a pretty good lookin’ family!

09-21-18_11-45-20 PM.pngChad finally completes the computer Whiz aspiration and can now become a stay at home dad.

09-21-18_11-47-11 PM.pngPeter: It’s my birthday today but before I blowout the candles will you promise to marry me one day?

Nichole: Um…sure.

Peter: Great!

09-21-18_11-47-18 PM.pngNot the most romantic of proposals but Nichole seems to be happy.

Both Nichole and Peter blow out their candles. They won’t have to wait long till they are married, such is sim life.

09-22-18_1-00-54 AM.pngWe’ll have to wait for the wedding as Lenore went into labor! It was raining so hard Chad had a delayed perinatal freak out.

09-22-18_1-02-37 AM.pngWhile Lenore gives birth to baby 10…..

09-22-18_1-02-19 AM.png….Chad does some stress eating.

09-22-18_1-04-56 AM.pngWelcome to the family Lincoln De Rolo! Now we are even 5 girls and 5 boys!

09-22-18_1-05-25 AM.pngBeing the neat sim she is Lenore decides to take out the trash. You know that’s not your job Lenore!

Lenore: It was just so full…I couldn’t take it!

09-22-18_1-11-28 AM.pngChad: It’s my turn to be the stay at home parent so…I quit!

09-22-18_1-14-15 AM.pngAnd Lenore enters the Writing career. She only needs to write one more bestseller until she completes her aspiration, so she might not be in this career for long.

09-22-18_1-14-41 AM.pngOctavia is now a Griffon scout!

09-22-18_12-36-49 AM.pngI didn’t forget about Peter and Nichole. They both received makeovers. Peter’s last trait is Family oriented.

09-22-18_12-37-40 AM.pngPeter gets his picture taken.

09-22-18_12-38-50 AM.pngAnd added to the wall. I really need better lighting here.

09-22-18_12-44-38 AM.pngPeter and Nichole get married!

And I will end the chapter here!

Chapter 2.5: The Bees are at it Again

09-16-18_6-37-35 PMWe start off the chapter checking in with Rose and Axel getting their groove on.

09-16-18_7-11-18 PM.pngClaire was invited over to her brother Wash’s house for his birthday. Claire met Wash’s wife Evie Delgado Moon. Claire also got a makeover.

09-16-18_7-12-56 PM.pngClaire als met with her new niece River.

09-16-18_7-17-14 PM.pngThe Bees attack again!

09-16-18_7-18-22 PM.pngClaire: I bless this grill and bless this food! Begone evil fire spirits!

09-16-18_7-18-35 PM.pngWhile Claire was blessing food Axel became the next victim of the killer bees.

09-16-18_7-19-42 PM.pngNext was poor Kiera. These are very unhappy bees!

09-16-18_7-20-41 PM.pngI put some new cc in my game and Claire is modeling a new skin  and eyes. I’m not sure I like it, but let me know what you think.

09-16-18_7-21-46 PM.pngThese bees have attacked every single sim in this household!

So Claire gives them the termite powder, which they like, and tries to befriend them, which they let their displeasure be known.

This is what happens when you forget to clean out the lint trap; the machines set you on fire! (-10pts!) Claire was able to extinguish herself, thankfully.

09-16-18_7-57-07 PM.pngAfter that harrowing experience Claire bakes a cake for Kiera.

09-16-18_7-57-47 PM.pngClaire: BOO! No one will eat this cake!

09-16-18_7-59-32 PM.pngOh hey look, Phillip is pregnant again . Phillip did get married to a Moses Ibarra so maybe it’s his husbands baby this time.

09-16-18_8-00-40 PM.pngSome father daughter dancing before Kiera is too cool to dance with dear old dad.

09-16-18_8-02-12 PM.pngAmy: Hurry blow out those candles! I want some cake.

Claire: No one eats the cake!

09-16-18_8-35-01 PM.pngKiera adds goofball to her traits and she wants to be an Outdoor Enthusiast. She is a really good mix between her parents. She has Phillip’s nose and eyes and Claire’s mouth and face shape. Also Phillip’s hair color. I believe Kiera is the first blond in the family; including extended family, on the Moon side of course.

09-16-18_8-50-04 PM.pngMarty partied too hard I guess. (-5pts)

09-16-18_8-57-40 PM.pngKiera followed suit. (-5pts)

Claire is getting pretty good at friending those nasty little bees. She even got some honey for her troubles!

09-22-18_7-48-57 PM.pngSo you might wonder where Axel is. I decided to give the Moon’s a new house since I didn’t like the way I designed their house, so I downloaded this lovely house from the gallery made by emisimsYT.

09-22-18_7-49-07 PM.pngThe kitchen and dining room.

09-22-18_7-49-45 PM.pngClaire found her bed and went to sleep.

09-22-18_7-50-49 PM.pngThis is Rose and Amy’s room I redecorated.

09-22-18_7-53-31 PM.pngI built a basement and a mausoleum that Marty found before I could lock it. He spent hours in here mourning his ancestors.

09-22-18_7-55-21 PM.pngClaire barely got any sleep before Rose woke her up to spray the monster under the bed. Crap I knew I forgot to buy something.

09-22-18_7-58-03 PM.pngAnd Axel was getting into bed as Rose woke up Claire so he decided to watch tv instead of going back to bed.

09-22-18_7-58-34 PM.pngThe house came with this cute little hedgehog named Thimble.

09-22-18_8-05-56 PM.pngFinally Rose and Amy get their picture taken. As you can see they are identical. Also I don’t like the cc eyes I gave them.

09-22-18_8-07-29 PM.pngIn the basement I also built a photography studio.

09-22-18_8-08-47 PM.pngAnd Kiera gets her own bed room. That is if Axel gets out of her bed.

09-22-18_8-09-15 PM.pngMarty stayed so long he wet himself. Actually I accidentally locked him in there so these -5 pts are my fault. When I saw Marty heading for the crypt I had Claire lock it, but not before Mary got in there and I didn’t realize until to late.

09-22-18_8-09-28 PM.pngThen Claire decided to embarrass both herself and Marty by wanting to take a shower in the rain. She made it as far as the kitchen before putting her clothes back on, didn’t even make it outside.

09-22-18_8-24-15 PM.pngMaxwell comes for a visit. I do miss him!

09-22-18_8-29-04 PM.pngClaire: My aren’t you a cute rodent.

09-22-18_8-45-40 PM.pngClaire’s work was pretty uneventful. No promotions.

Kiera: Hmmm….should I move here….or…hmmmm…..*cringe*…nope wrong move.

09-22-18_10-24-09 PM.pngAGAIN Claire! Really? -10pts

09-22-18_10-25-24 PM.pngKiera found the yoga mat I didn’t know they had.

Claire: Huh…I wonder what these globes of light are? *looks up* Well hello again, my alien friends.

09-22-18_10-36-42 PM.pngThimble decides to do some experiments himself.

This chapter is getting pretty long so I will end it here, but before I do there are some extras:


09-22-18_9-56-57 PM.pngRiver Moon, Wash and Evie’s daughter.

This is Jonathan and Olivia Moon, Dorian Moon’s kids. Dorian is the son of Rocky, Max’s twin.

09-22-18_10-06-43 PMDaphne, Ryder and Maureen’s daughter.

Self-Wetting: 14 (-5) = -70

Pass Out: 15 = (-5) -75

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 9 (-10)= -90

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 9 (+5)= 45

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 2 (+10)= 20

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 3(+5)= 15

Total: 15

Baby Boom Challenge 09


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Taliesin — Boy #1, Young Adult

Tova — Girl #3, Teen

Peter — Boy # 2, Teen

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Child

Bran — Boy # 3, Child

Octavia — Girl # 5, Toddler

08-19-18_3-33-39 PM.png

Here are Taliesin’s full list of traits. He also received Good Manners and Responsible.

08-19-18_3-42-09 PM.pngOctavia learning the ways of the potty, and not looking too happy about it.

08-19-18_3-44-14 PM.pngTrying to get Bran to raise his empathy. I don’t use this doctor’s kit enough.

08-19-18_3-44-40 PM.pngStory time for Octavia

08-19-18_3-48-12 PM.pngOh! Hello Scarlett it’s so good to see your face! And your new hair do.

Scarlett: Well it was nice to have some mystic while it lasted.

Sister bonding moment; totally autonomous by the way.

Taliesin: Look! Over yonder, young capitan, a new planet!

08-19-18_3-56-22 PM.pngIt’s Scarlett’s birthday!

08-19-18_4-23-24 PM.pngScarlett adds Mean to her Neat trait and her aspiration is Public Enemy. She looks the most like Lenore IMHO.

08-19-18_4-30-10 PM.pngI just downloaded the Fitness stuff pack so everyone got some new clothing options.

08-19-18_4-32-20 PM.pngScarlett is getting quite buff.

08-19-18_4-34-45 PM.pngTaliesin: Bobbie look at these awesome muscles!

Bobbie: Oh! They would be more impressive out of my chest!

Tal: Oops! Sorry ’bout that. I just got super excited.

Tal’s girlfriends name is Bobbie Spicer.

08-19-18_4-36-12 PM.pngHere is the lovely couple!

They became best friends, Tal proposed, and Bobbie excepted with style and grace!

So I tried several times to get Tal’s portrait painted, but for some reason the game wouldn’t let me so instead I took his picture; which I like better anyway.

08-19-18_5-04-27 PM.pngBeing a family-oriented sim Tal always wants to interact with his siblings.

08-19-18_4-58-27 PM.png

A promotion for Chad! When he is done with his aspiration I’m going to have him be the stay-at-home-parent.

08-19-18_5-09-14 PM.pngProject time. Chad helps out Bran with his volcano.

08-19-18_5-12-08 PM.pngThen had gets more points by autonomously doing the laundry.

Tal invites his love over and they exchange vows.

08-19-18_5-34-57 PM.pngBobbie Spicer De Rolo is a Serial Romantic who is a snob, hot-headed, and a Music lover.

See Tal I’m making up for last chapter!

08-19-18_5-39-32 PM.pngThey move into this house I downloaded from the gallery. The house was created by Paffy85.

We then invited Hero and Bailey over to get their pictures taken.

08-19-18_6-08-15 PM.pngThen they all decided to come inside to give Octavia pointers on how to build blocks.

08-19-18_6-23-35 PM.pngPeter DO NOT electrocute yourself!

08-19-18_6-24-13 PM.pngPeter: Too late! *zap*

08-19-18_6-24-19 PM.pngThank goodness this isn’t my ISBI!

08-19-18_6-24-52 PM.pngLenore and one of the teens friends come to the rescue!

08-19-18_6-25-17 PM.pngTova you’re a little late to the party.

Tova: you can’t be too careful!

08-19-18_6-30-09 PM.pngWhile all of the excitement was happening Scarlett was meditating.

08-19-18_6-34-25 PM.pngHero invited Tova over so I obliged. I also noticed a toddler on the primises and I got a little excited that it was Bailey and her husband, Chad’s, kid; but alas it was Chad’s little brother.

08-19-18_5-48-16 PM.png

Meet Ronin Green, Chads’ little brother.


Chad and Lenore are expecting their 9th child!

Octavia being a toddler and working on her movement skill.

08-19-18_7-15-21 PM.pngI also got Pet stuff. I forgot what this pet is called….

08-19-18_7-36-22 PM.pngBut he’s pretty cute in an ugly sort of way.

It’s Tova’s birthday and we also age up her boyfriend Nathan Maed, who is Johnny Zest’s son.

08-19-18_7-57-21 PM.pngTova proposes to her love and soulmate and of course he says yes!

08-19-18_8-15-07 PM.pngTova wanted a wedding arch so she gets her wish.

08-19-18_8-07-32 PM.pngBefore she leaves we grab her for a photo shoot.

08-19-18_9-20-01 PM.pngOne last picture of Octavia as a toddler before she becomes a child.

08-19-18_9-23-39 PM.pngWell besides this one.

08-19-18_9-36-31 PM.png

Octavia De Rolo is now a Whiz kid who Loves Dogs.

It’s these two lovebirds first Love Day and they celebrate with gusto.

08-19-18_10-36-08 PM.pngAnd their baby is going to be born on love day, how cute.

08-19-18_10-37-20 PM.pngLenore is starving and Chad is freaking out! I love Lenore’s face here.

08-19-18_10-40-05 PM.pngLenore: Um…is my doctor a ghost?

08-19-18_10-48-19 PM.pngYay it’s a boy. We have 5 girls and now 4 boys. Welcome Orion De Rolo.

I will end the chapter her as it’s quite long already!

Chapter 2.4: Attack of the Bees


♦ Maxwell joined his wife Miko in the afterlife.

♦ The triplets are now children

♦ Phillip, Keira’s father, was impregnated by an alien.

Claire: Hey Justine, will you try my awesome serum?

Justine: What’s in it?

Claire: Oh, a little this….a little that. Most of it is proprietary info. You know how it is.

Justine: Sure I’ll try it.

Claire: Great!

I think the serum was a tainted hunger potion.

08-02-18_7-15-26 PM.png Claire comes home with a promotion to Ufologist. She’s making pretty good simoleans.

08-02-18_7-18-13 PM.pngRose: Why….who would do such a thing? *uncontrollable sobbing*

If there is an angry sim in the house or ghost this poor house gets demolished.

Claire: Wahoooo! This is so much fun!

Don’t set fire to the house….don’t set fire to the house….Please don’t set fire to the house.

Spoiler alert she doesn’t….phew.

08-02-18_8-25-14 PM.pngI have had this game for years and this is the first time I have made a wormhole! It’s pretty exciting for me.

Love Day comes around so Claire askes Axel out on a date.

08-02-18_9-27-49 PM.pngThe next time Claire is at work she uses the wormhole to bring not one, but two aliens threw. The green alien is Lily, Phillip’s daughter.

08-04-18_11-40-31 PM.png Claire gets another promotion! It seems like she is flying threw these promotions.

08-04-18_11-41-00 PM.pngShe gets a cool new outfit.

08-04-18_11-47-01 PM.pngAwe sisterly affection! This reminds me I need to get a picture of Rose and Amy together.

08-05-18_12-08-34 AM.pngIt’s Claire’s adult birthday!

08-05-18_12-10-24 AM.pngPoor Keira got stung by bees.  BTWs the Moons now have a bee box that no one has used yet.

08-05-18_12-15-52 AM.png Claire has completed a milestone! +5pts!

08-05-18_12-17-40 AM.pngHey, it’s Winter! She is now married and has a daughter. Her husband’s name is John Quigley.

08-05-18_12-19-10 AM.pngA little birthday woohoo.

08-05-18_12-21-54 AM.pngClaire and Axel now have a couple selfie to put up on the wall.

08-05-18_12-33-42 AM.pngAnd she’s back…from outer space! No alien pregnancy here.

08-05-18_12-34-03 AM.pngThen the bees proceed to swarm her.

Marty: Oh! The inhumanity of it all! IDK I just think Marty is so cute being his erratic/insane little self.

08-05-18_12-46-54 AM.pngAnother birthday party. This time for Axel.

08-05-18_12-47-07 AM.pngAxel: Oh I think I’m going to be sick!

He doesn’t look to happy he’s now an elder.


08-05-18_12-51-41 AM.pngThe kids make a mess and poor, but helpful Uncle Wash cleans up.

This chapter is a little short, but now I’m all caught up with gameplay.


08-02-18_2-12-00 PM.png Zara, Elias’ step-daughter from his first marriage.

Cassandra and Josephine, Elias’ twin daughters.

08-02-18_9-12-48 PM.pngLillianna Moon, Elias’ daughter from his second marriage.

08-02-18_2-07-49 PM.pngCarolina Moon, Elias’ second wife.

08-02-18_2-15-10 PM.pngDaphne Moon, Ryder and Maureen’s daughter.

08-02-18_9-17-01 PM.pngRuby Quigley, Winter and John’s daughter.

Self-Wetting: 13 (-5) = -65

Pass Out: 13 = (-5) -65

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 7 (-10)= -70

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 9 (+5)= 45

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 2 (+10)= 20

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 3(+5)= 15

Total: 50

Baby Boom Challenge 08


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Taliesin — Boy #1, Teen

Tova — Girl #3, Teen

Peter — Boy # 2, Teen

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Child

Bran — Boy # 3, Toddler

Octavia — Girl # 5, Baby

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back! So bare with me while I try and remember where the De Rolo family left off. Tova and Peter have their Teen birthdays. And baby Bran is now a Toddler. Hero aged into an adult and moved out. Tova, working on her Soulmate aspiration snagged herself a boyfriend. And baby # 8 and girl # 5 Octavia was born!

03-18-18_5-39-48 PM.pngWe check in with Chad and Tova first. Chad is working on some programing for his Tech Guru career. And Tova is doing homework. I’m glad this study is getty a fair amount of use. Most times when I put a study in a home it barely gets used.

03-18-18_5-41-32 PM.pngLenore is being a super mom, did anyone really doubt, and aging up Octavia.

Octavia toddler.jpgOctavia is one of the few sims I put full face freckles on! She is just that charmingly cute! See I can use other adjectives besides adorable!

Anyway she is Angelic.

03-18-18_5-50-12 PM.pngThis kitchen really needs better lighting. Anyway typical cute toddler picture.

03-18-18_6-02-48 PM.pngThough Tova has already ensnared this poor guy she’s gotta keep the romance alive so he doesn’t get board.

03-18-18_6-08-13 PM.pngAnd what better way to keep things alive than to invite your love to the Spice Festival…or is it…

03-18-18_6-08-59 PM.pngThe shirts Caleb is selling don’t look like the ones at the spice festival. It’s been so long since I played I forgot 😕

Tova: Hey Caleb, What are you doing out here…in the sun…

Caleb: Well as long as I stay in this booth it’s all good. It just means I don’t get any breaks…to eat…or to go to the bathroom…or take a mental break…but it’s all good. It’s fine, really!

Tova: *gives Caleb a dubious glare* If you say so….

Bran toddler traits.jpgBran has mastered Movement and potty. Now he is one away from mastering Imagination and Thinking. This is the closest I have ever been to maxing out all toddler skills!

03-18-18_6-21-35 PM.pngBut of course it’s his birthday today so I guess it’s not meant to be :(. Curse you Universe!

Bran child.jpgBran rolled the Neat trait like his Momma, big bro Taliesin, and Sis Scarlett. He is also a Rambunctious Scamp.

03-18-18_7-03-41 PM.pngLenore takes a break from mom duty to work on her writing aspiration.

03-18-18_7-05-51 PM.pngA little up date on the state of the living room. And to show Scarlett watching television.  She was only in one picture last chapter. Lets see if she will show her face this chapter. It’s like where’s Waldo except it’s where’s Scarlett.

03-18-18_7-14-16 PM.pngPeter making a meal.

03-18-18_11-05-29 PM.pngOctavia learning the ways of social communication from Blarffy? A stuffed animal. The way all toddlers should learn how to communicate.

03-18-18_11-08-56 PM.pngBran just being a Pirate. I tried to make the back yard look cute. But the outside of the house looks rather blah.

03-18-18_11-10-27 PM.pngThe oldest in the house, Taliesin, has his birthday.

Taliesin YA.jpgLooking rather handsome, Taliesin adds Family-Oriented to his list of traits.

Scarlett CA.jpgDoes this count as an appearance? Scarlett complets Rambunctious Scamp. I forget if I have her choose another aspiration.

03-19-18_12-16-49 AM.pngScarlett: Tova can I have what you’re having?

Tova: This is a secret concoction to help me exercise. It’s proprietary information.

Scarlett: I wasn’t asking what’s in it, jeez!

Will Scarlett ever show her face to the camera?

03-19-18_12-23-33 AM.pngTova gets back to exercising.

Taliesin goes into town to see if he can find his lady love. Most were either married or adults. The redhead was the exception.

03-19-18_12-33-55 AM.pngHe follows her to the gym *cue creepy stalker music*

Taliesin: Turn that off! I did NOT follow her. You know I invited her to hang out!

Sure, Sure….

03-19-18_12-35-04 AM.pngBailey still kicking ass!

Taliesin successfully woos his lady love. I guess the stalker thing works for some people.

Taliesin: Stop telling lies! You know I invited her here!

If my memory serves me correct Taliesin did invite miss redhead out for a day of invigorating exercise!

Taliesin: Why did you have to make it sound so dirty?! And for Plumbob sake remember her name! In fact remember Tova’s boyfriends name!

Ouch! Now who’s giving who a hard time?

03-19-18_12-49-16 AM.pngLenore: Dam! Girl! You’re buff AF!

Tova: Thanks Mom! It’s a combination of hard work and my Special Exercise drink.

Lenore: What’s in that drink? I could use some of that!

Tova: It’s proprietary information!

And this is where I will leave you, for now. Next chapter will I manage to capture a picture of the ever elusive Scarlett? Will I remember to write down Tova’s and Taliesin’s love interests?


Chapter 2.3: Failing Like it’s Going out of Style


♦ Claire and Axel got married!

♦ A lot of poopy diapers and toddler messes.

♦ And Keira had a birthday!

05-02-18_8-20-23 PM.pngWe start off the chapter with Keira being helpful.

Keira: It’s all for the votes baby!

Max: Oh man! Balancing is hard and at my age it’s a miracle I haven’t broken something!

05-02-18_8-22-24 PM.pngWell besides the fact that Axel adds on another fail -5 he and Rose somehow merged and I think Rose farted, eeewww!

05-02-18_8-24-27 PM.pngAnother poopy diaper! -5

05-02-18_8-37-49 PM.pngAxel: So kids, one of you will inherit this lovely house one day. It is imperative you marry someone that is at least a little helpful, like yours truly, so you aren’t driven completely insane!

Marty and Amy look at the doll house and then at their father in confusion.

Mary: Does he mean we’re going to inherit the doll house?

05-02-18_8-39-30 PM.pngMax: Miko! I’m coming to see you soon!

Max picked the same spot as Miko to go to his final resting place.

05-02-18_8-39-37 PM.pngGrimm, too, appears in the same spot.

Miko even comes to cry over her husband’s passing.

Miko I thought you’d be happy to be with your husband again.

Miko: I am, But look at how sad they all are! I just can’t take it.

05-02-18_8-46-10 PM.pngGrieving sims should not be allowed to cook! -10!

05-02-18_8-47-19 PM.pngI had Claire come to put out the fire, but Axel was on top of it!

Grimm: Is this family begging for a death wish!?

05-02-18_9-08-11 PM.pngEt tu Claire? Et Tu? -5

05-03-18_8-03-40 AM.pngPortrait time for Axel.

05-03-18_8-26-39 AM.pngPortrait wall. The only repeat poses are Miko and Claire.

05-03-18_8-45-19 AM.pngJust a cute family picture.

05-03-18_8-51-03 AM.pngKeira: And the unicorn flies into space! Spreading cheer and magic all over the land!

05-03-18_8-57-59 AM.pngKeira: Ew! Mom why are you kissing him! You should be kissing MY dad!

Marty: Well she is kissing MY dad! So there *sticks his tongue out*

This kind of surprised me because Keira and Axel have a good relationship and at this point I don’t think Keria has even met her dad.

05-03-18_9-25-38 AM.pngAxel: When will this HELL be over!?

05-03-18_9-33-45 AM.pngThese toddlers are out to get me! -5

Ryder! Why tho?

People dancing means a party! Also Winter and Phillip are pregnant. Looks like Keira is getting another sibling.

Phillip: Something is not right. I just keep getting bigger!

He looked real sad to. Could also be this is the first time he is meeting Keira and is realizing what a crap father he has been.

In birth order: Marty, Rose, and Amy.

I figured out how to do some editing without my computer freezing on me!

Marty is now an Erratic sim and a Social Butterfly.

Rose rolled Music Lover and Rambunctious Scamp.

And Amy is a Goofball and Rambunctious Scamp.

Rose and Amy look to be identical. I gave Rose and Marty freckles.

05-07-18_9-18-30 PM.png

Phillip: Gotta work of this gut!

05-07-18_9-27-40 PM.pngMarty: Begone pixies! Away from this sugary goodness that is my Fruity O’s!

Also look at his gap teeth! So adorable.

05-07-18_9-27-55 PM.pngClaire: Finally someone in this family who understands the danger that are pixies!

05-07-18_9-43-11 PM.pngRose: Ep! you should warn somebody!

Marty: You should knock! And they call me the crazy one!

05-07-18_9-47-08 PM.pngI wanted to get the triplets in a photo together, but alas we can’t have more than 2 sharing a portrait.

Now I just have to remember to get one of Rose and Amy before they are teens.

05-07-18_9-47-31 PM.pngI thought you had grown out of this!

05-07-18_10-10-51 PM.pngThese two home after a hard days work.

Claire: I think we can finally relax a little honey.

Axel: I’m not so sure about that dear.

And I will end the chapter here! Hopefully now that we don’t have anymore toddlers in the house I can make up some of the points I lost. *Crossing my fingers*

Self-Wetting: 13 (-5) = -65

Pass Out: 13 = (-5) -65

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 7 (-10)= -70

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 8 (+5)= 40

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 2 (+10)= 20

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 3(+5)= 15

Total: 45

Chapter 2.2: Failing is the Name of the Game

Last Time:

♦ Claire decided Phillip wasn’t the man for her so she pursued Axel Caliente, Philip’s Cousin.

♦ Claire and Axel wasted no time starting a family. They had Triplets Marty, Rose, and Amy.

♦ With the birth of the triplets Maxwell completed his Aspiration!

♦ Unfortunately, Miko passed away.

♦ Claire Proposed to Axel.

♦ Other things: The Triplets are now Toddlers. Claire started another fire, Zoe terrified poor Kiera, and Claire and Axel got promotions.

We start off the chapter with Claire and Axel getting a makeover. This was way back when the laundry stuff came out, and since then I’ve gotten the Adventure and Seasons expansion. So they’ll be getting new makeovers!

05-01-18_8-41-57 PM.pngMaxwell is such a good Papa. He is, of course, teaching Rose to talk Autonomously.

05-01-18_8-42-23 PM.pngIt looks like Amy is enjoying the bedtime story as well.

Amy: My turn next Mama!

Claire: If I have enough time before collapsing on my face. *YAWN*

Marty: Look at me, look at me dada! I’m making art!

Apparently it’s a collaborative work because Rose soon joins in after Axel is done with her lesson.

Claire: My darlings, please don’t make a mess because mommy and daddy will have to clean it up.

I feel Claire’s parenting style is “Whatever, as long as they don’t burn down the house”. Which is more than I can say for her!

Rose took this to mean not making a mess out of the floors, but books were faire game.

As a book lover this breaks my heart!

05-01-18_8-49-32 PM.pngClearly it’s going to take more than one disciplinary action for them to learn their lesson.

05-01-18_8-57-27 PM.pngAmy being an Angelic sim never gets into trouble.

05-01-18_8-57-47 PM.pngThese two are practically partners in crime.

05-01-18_8-59-32 PM.pngJude: Hey son, Congratulations on skipping out on Death! For now at least.

Max: *sniff* But I was supposed to go before her! *bawls eyes out!

Poor Max is the saddest sim I have seen. He spends most of his time crying in bed or moping around the house.  Even when his sad moodlet ended he had periods where he just had the saddest expression.

05-01-18_8-59-45 PM.pngThis picture is just to show that Amy had an accedent in her diaper. -5

I don’t always catch these but when I do I mark it.

05-01-18_9-01-52 PM.pngThe Toddler life.

05-01-18_9-03-01 PM.pngClaire: What have I told you about making messes!

This time I had Claire take a more strict approach. It didn’t work though.

05-01-18_9-03-08 PM.pngClaire: There, there darling mommy still loves you.05-01-18_9-06-09 PM.pngEverybody gets hugs!

05-01-18_9-06-55 PM.pngI don’t remember why I took this picture. I think I just thought it was cute.

05-01-18_9-12-07 PM.pngClaire: Wait! I think the pixies are back!

Max: *chuckles a little* Thanks Claire I needed that.

Claire: Needed what?

Max: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all dear. *still chuckling*

Claire: Um…okay, But dad Pixies are no laughing matter! *gasp* Maybe their the ones convincing Marty and Rose to make messes!

Max: You think that if it gives you comfort.

05-01-18_9-12-47 PM.pngOh Kiera, another -5.

05-01-18_9-25-34 PM.pngOh hey look, Sims in fancy clothes. Whatever could be the occasion?

05-01-18_9-26-33 PM.pngIt’s Claire and Axel’s wedding! Though why Claire didn’t change into her wedding dress is beyond me….on second thought she is Insane or is it Erratic now?

05-01-18_9-27-14 PM.pngSome of the guests made it to the chairs. And Max was so happy he did a little jig.


Axel: I take you, my sweet, sweet Claire for better or worse. You bring life, happiness, …and even chaos into my life.

Claire: Oh Axel you say the sweetest things!

05-01-18_9-29-14 PM.pngClaire: Thank you Harley for coming!

Harley: Of course, wouldn’t miss it for the world! But, why aren’t you in your wedding dress.

Claire: This is my wedding dress…see I wore a dress and it’s my wedding, so there for it’s my wedding dress!

Harley: Umm…but don’t you where that everyday?

Claire: Yes, but who says you can’t wear your wedding dress everyday?

05-01-18_9-39-00 PM.pngWhen the party moved inside these two love birds also became best friends.

05-01-18_9-44-49 PM.pngTag team time! Axel is so far the most interactive, non-controllable, sim I have seen with his kids, and I love him for it. Now he doesn’t do this all the time, but when it gets really stressful he jumps in.

05-01-18_9-46-34 PM.pngAnd he continues to be awesome! Best. Dad. Ever!

Max: Hey! What about me?

You were controllable though.

Max: *mumbles* I was still a great dad!

05-01-18_9-53-10 PM.pngJust because it’s cute!

Grandpa Love! I think in the second picture Max is dancing with Amy, but he could be telling her a joke…I can’t remember.

05-01-18_10-05-05 PM.pngOh dear it’s a chapter of fails! -5

05-01-18_10-19-41 PM.pngIt’s Kiera’s Birthday!

Claire: Finally, having 4 toddlers in the house was torture!

My sentiments exactly!

05-01-18_10-35-43 PM.pngI hate not being able to edit my pictures!

Any way Kiera is a Loner, just like her dad. She is also a Rambunctious Scamp.

And this is where I leave you. Last time I forgot to add Maxwell’s aspiration to the score so I will do that now.


Self-Wetting: 11 (-5) = -55

Pass Out: 11 = (-5) -55

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 6 (-10)= -60

Social Worker Visit : (-15)


Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 8 (+5)= 40

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 2 (+10)= 20

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 3(+5)= 15

Total: 75