Baby Boom Challenge 08


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Taliesin — Boy #1, Teen

Tova — Girl #3, Teen

Peter — Boy # 2, Teen

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Child

Bran — Boy # 3, Toddler

Octavia — Girl # 5, Baby

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back! So bare with me while I try and remember where the De Rolo family left off. Tova and Peter have their Teen birthdays. And baby Bran is now a Toddler. Hero aged into an adult and moved out. Tova, working on her Soulmate aspiration snagged herself a boyfriend. And baby # 8 and girl # 5 Octavia was born!

03-18-18_5-39-48 PM.pngWe check in with Chad and Tova first. Chad is working on some programing for his Tech Guru career. And Tova is doing homework. I’m glad this study is getty a fair amount of use. Most times when I put a study in a home it barely gets used.

03-18-18_5-41-32 PM.pngLenore is being a super mom, did anyone really doubt, and aging up Octavia.

Octavia toddler.jpgOctavia is one of the few sims I put full face freckles on! She is just that charmingly cute! See I can use other adjectives besides adorable!

Anyway she is Angelic.

03-18-18_5-50-12 PM.pngThis kitchen really needs better lighting. Anyway typical cute toddler picture.

03-18-18_6-02-48 PM.pngThough Tova has already ensnared this poor guy she’s gotta keep the romance alive so he doesn’t get board.

03-18-18_6-08-13 PM.pngAnd what better way to keep things alive than to invite your love to the Spice Festival…or is it…

03-18-18_6-08-59 PM.pngThe shirts Caleb is selling don’t look like the ones at the spice festival. It’s been so long since I played I forgot 😕

Tova: Hey Caleb, What are you doing out here…in the sun…

Caleb: Well as long as I stay in this booth it’s all good. It just means I don’t get any breaks…to eat…or to go to the bathroom…or take a mental break…but it’s all good. It’s fine, really!

Tova: *gives Caleb a dubious glare* If you say so….

Bran toddler traits.jpgBran has mastered Movement and potty. Now he is one away from mastering Imagination and Thinking. This is the closest I have ever been to maxing out all toddler skills!

03-18-18_6-21-35 PM.pngBut of course it’s his birthday today so I guess it’s not meant to be :(. Curse you Universe!

Bran child.jpgBran rolled the Neat trait like his Momma, big bro Taliesin, and Sis Scarlett. He is also a Rambunctious Scamp.

03-18-18_7-03-41 PM.pngLenore takes a break from mom duty to work on her writing aspiration.

03-18-18_7-05-51 PM.pngA little up date on the state of the living room. And to show Scarlett watching television.  She was only in one picture last chapter. Lets see if she will show her face this chapter. It’s like where’s Waldo except it’s where’s Scarlett.

03-18-18_7-14-16 PM.pngPeter making a meal.

03-18-18_11-05-29 PM.pngOctavia learning the ways of social communication from Blarffy? A stuffed animal. The way all toddlers should learn how to communicate.

03-18-18_11-08-56 PM.pngBran just being a Pirate. I tried to make the back yard look cute. But the outside of the house looks rather blah.

03-18-18_11-10-27 PM.pngThe oldest in the house, Taliesin, has his birthday.

Taliesin YA.jpgLooking rather handsome, Taliesin adds Family-Oriented to his list of traits.

Scarlett CA.jpgDoes this count as an appearance? Scarlett complets Rambunctious Scamp. I forget if I have her choose another aspiration.

03-19-18_12-16-49 AM.pngScarlett: Tova can I have what you’re having?

Tova: This is a secret concoction to help me exercise. It’s proprietary information.

Scarlett: I wasn’t asking what’s in it, jeez!

Will Scarlett ever show her face to the camera?

03-19-18_12-23-33 AM.pngTova gets back to exercising.

Taliesin goes into town to see if he can find his lady love. Most were either married or adults. The redhead was the exception.

03-19-18_12-33-55 AM.pngHe follows her to the gym *cue creepy stalker music*

Taliesin: Turn that off! I did NOT follow her. You know I invited her to hang out!

Sure, Sure….

03-19-18_12-35-04 AM.pngBailey still kicking ass!

Taliesin successfully woos his lady love. I guess the stalker thing works for some people.

Taliesin: Stop telling lies! You know I invited her here!

If my memory serves me correct Taliesin did invite miss redhead out for a day of invigorating exercise!

Taliesin: Why did you have to make it sound so dirty?! And for Plumbob sake remember her name! In fact remember Tova’s boyfriends name!

Ouch! Now who’s giving who a hard time?

03-19-18_12-49-16 AM.pngLenore: Dam! Girl! You’re buff AF!

Tova: Thanks Mom! It’s a combination of hard work and my Special Exercise drink.

Lenore: What’s in that drink? I could use some of that!

Tova: It’s proprietary information!

And this is where I will leave you, for now. Next chapter will I manage to capture a picture of the ever elusive Scarlett? Will I remember to write down Tova’s and Taliesin’s love interests?



Chapter 2.3: Failing Like it’s Going out of Style


♦ Claire and Axel got married!

♦ A lot of poopy diapers and toddler messes.

♦ And Keira had a birthday!

05-02-18_8-20-23 PM.pngWe start off the chapter with Keira being helpful.

Keira: It’s all for the votes baby!

Max: Oh man! Balancing is hard and at my age it’s a miracle I haven’t broken something!

05-02-18_8-22-24 PM.pngWell besides the fact that Axel adds on another fail -5 he and Rose somehow merged and I think Rose farted, eeewww!

05-02-18_8-24-27 PM.pngAnother poopy diaper! -5

05-02-18_8-37-49 PM.pngAxel: So kids, one of you will inherit this lovely house one day. It is imperative you marry someone that is at least a little helpful, like yours truly, so you aren’t driven completely insane!

Marty and Amy look at the doll house and then at their father in confusion.

Mary: Does he mean we’re going to inherit the doll house?

05-02-18_8-39-30 PM.pngMax: Miko! I’m coming to see you soon!

Max picked the same spot as Miko to go to his final resting place.

05-02-18_8-39-37 PM.pngGrimm, too, appears in the same spot.

Miko even comes to cry over her husband’s passing.

Miko I thought you’d be happy to be with your husband again.

Miko: I am, But look at how sad they all are! I just can’t take it.

05-02-18_8-46-10 PM.pngGrieving sims should not be allowed to cook! -10!

05-02-18_8-47-19 PM.pngI had Claire come to put out the fire, but Axel was on top of it!

Grimm: Is this family begging for a death wish!?

05-02-18_9-08-11 PM.pngEt tu Claire? Et Tu? -5

05-03-18_8-03-40 AM.pngPortrait time for Axel.

05-03-18_8-26-39 AM.pngPortrait wall. The only repeat poses are Miko and Claire.

05-03-18_8-45-19 AM.pngJust a cute family picture.

05-03-18_8-51-03 AM.pngKeira: And the unicorn flies into space! Spreading cheer and magic all over the land!

05-03-18_8-57-59 AM.pngKeira: Ew! Mom why are you kissing him! You should be kissing MY dad!

Marty: Well she is kissing MY dad! So there *sticks his tongue out*

This kind of surprised me because Keira and Axel have a good relationship and at this point I don’t think Keria has even met her dad.

05-03-18_9-25-38 AM.pngAxel: When will this HELL be over!?

05-03-18_9-33-45 AM.pngThese toddlers are out to get me! -5

Ryder! Why tho?

People dancing means a party! Also Winter and Phillip are pregnant. Looks like Keira is getting another sibling.

Phillip: Something is not right. I just keep getting bigger!

He looked real sad to. Could also be this is the first time he is meeting Keira and is realizing what a crap father he has been.

In birth order: Marty, Rose, and Amy.

I figured out how to do some editing without my computer freezing on me!

Marty is now an Erratic sim and a Social Butterfly.

Rose rolled Music Lover and Rambunctious Scamp.

And Amy is a Goofball and Rambunctious Scamp.

Rose and Amy look to be identical. I gave Rose and Marty freckles.

05-07-18_9-18-30 PM.png

Phillip: Gotta work of this gut!

05-07-18_9-27-40 PM.pngMarty: Begone pixies! Away from this sugary goodness that is my Fruity O’s!

Also look at his gap teeth! So adorable.

05-07-18_9-27-55 PM.pngClaire: Finally someone in this family who understands the danger that are pixies!

05-07-18_9-43-11 PM.pngRose: Ep! you should warn somebody!

Marty: You should knock! And they call me the crazy one!

05-07-18_9-47-08 PM.pngI wanted to get the triplets in a photo together, but alas we can’t have more than 2 sharing a portrait.

Now I just have to remember to get one of Rose and Amy before they are teens.

05-07-18_9-47-31 PM.pngI thought you had grown out of this!

05-07-18_10-10-51 PM.pngThese two home after a hard days work.

Claire: I think we can finally relax a little honey.

Axel: I’m not so sure about that dear.

And I will end the chapter here! Hopefully now that we don’t have anymore toddlers in the house I can make up some of the points I lost. *Crossing my fingers*

Self-Wetting: 13 (-5) = -65

Pass Out: 13 = (-5) -65

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 7 (-10)= -70

Social Worker Visit : (-15)

Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 8 (+5)= 40

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 2 (+10)= 20

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 3(+5)= 15

Total: 45

Chapter 2.2: Failing is the Name of the Game

Last Time:

♦ Claire decided Phillip wasn’t the man for her so she pursued Axel Caliente, Philip’s Cousin.

♦ Claire and Axel wasted no time starting a family. They had Triplets Marty, Rose, and Amy.

♦ With the birth of the triplets Maxwell completed his Aspiration!

♦ Unfortunately, Miko passed away.

♦ Claire Proposed to Axel.

♦ Other things: The Triplets are now Toddlers. Claire started another fire, Zoe terrified poor Kiera, and Claire and Axel got promotions.

We start off the chapter with Claire and Axel getting a makeover. This was way back when the laundry stuff came out, and since then I’ve gotten the Adventure and Seasons expansion. So they’ll be getting new makeovers!

05-01-18_8-41-57 PM.pngMaxwell is such a good Papa. He is, of course, teaching Rose to talk Autonomously.

05-01-18_8-42-23 PM.pngIt looks like Amy is enjoying the bedtime story as well.

Amy: My turn next Mama!

Claire: If I have enough time before collapsing on my face. *YAWN*

Marty: Look at me, look at me dada! I’m making art!

Apparently it’s a collaborative work because Rose soon joins in after Axel is done with her lesson.

Claire: My darlings, please don’t make a mess because mommy and daddy will have to clean it up.

I feel Claire’s parenting style is “Whatever, as long as they don’t burn down the house”. Which is more than I can say for her!

Rose took this to mean not making a mess out of the floors, but books were faire game.

As a book lover this breaks my heart!

05-01-18_8-49-32 PM.pngClearly it’s going to take more than one disciplinary action for them to learn their lesson.

05-01-18_8-57-27 PM.pngAmy being an Angelic sim never gets into trouble.

05-01-18_8-57-47 PM.pngThese two are practically partners in crime.

05-01-18_8-59-32 PM.pngJude: Hey son, Congratulations on skipping out on Death! For now at least.

Max: *sniff* But I was supposed to go before her! *bawls eyes out!

Poor Max is the saddest sim I have seen. He spends most of his time crying in bed or moping around the house.  Even when his sad moodlet ended he had periods where he just had the saddest expression.

05-01-18_8-59-45 PM.pngThis picture is just to show that Amy had an accedent in her diaper. -5

I don’t always catch these but when I do I mark it.

05-01-18_9-01-52 PM.pngThe Toddler life.

05-01-18_9-03-01 PM.pngClaire: What have I told you about making messes!

This time I had Claire take a more strict approach. It didn’t work though.

05-01-18_9-03-08 PM.pngClaire: There, there darling mommy still loves you.05-01-18_9-06-09 PM.pngEverybody gets hugs!

05-01-18_9-06-55 PM.pngI don’t remember why I took this picture. I think I just thought it was cute.

05-01-18_9-12-07 PM.pngClaire: Wait! I think the pixies are back!

Max: *chuckles a little* Thanks Claire I needed that.

Claire: Needed what?

Max: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all dear. *still chuckling*

Claire: Um…okay, But dad Pixies are no laughing matter! *gasp* Maybe their the ones convincing Marty and Rose to make messes!

Max: You think that if it gives you comfort.

05-01-18_9-12-47 PM.pngOh Kiera, another -5.

05-01-18_9-25-34 PM.pngOh hey look, Sims in fancy clothes. Whatever could be the occasion?

05-01-18_9-26-33 PM.pngIt’s Claire and Axel’s wedding! Though why Claire didn’t change into her wedding dress is beyond me….on second thought she is Insane or is it Erratic now?

05-01-18_9-27-14 PM.pngSome of the guests made it to the chairs. And Max was so happy he did a little jig.


Axel: I take you, my sweet, sweet Claire for better or worse. You bring life, happiness, …and even chaos into my life.

Claire: Oh Axel you say the sweetest things!

05-01-18_9-29-14 PM.pngClaire: Thank you Harley for coming!

Harley: Of course, wouldn’t miss it for the world! But, why aren’t you in your wedding dress.

Claire: This is my wedding dress…see I wore a dress and it’s my wedding, so there for it’s my wedding dress!

Harley: Umm…but don’t you where that everyday?

Claire: Yes, but who says you can’t wear your wedding dress everyday?

05-01-18_9-39-00 PM.pngWhen the party moved inside these two love birds also became best friends.

05-01-18_9-44-49 PM.pngTag team time! Axel is so far the most interactive, non-controllable, sim I have seen with his kids, and I love him for it. Now he doesn’t do this all the time, but when it gets really stressful he jumps in.

05-01-18_9-46-34 PM.pngAnd he continues to be awesome! Best. Dad. Ever!

Max: Hey! What about me?

You were controllable though.

Max: *mumbles* I was still a great dad!

05-01-18_9-53-10 PM.pngJust because it’s cute!

Grandpa Love! I think in the second picture Max is dancing with Amy, but he could be telling her a joke…I can’t remember.

05-01-18_10-05-05 PM.pngOh dear it’s a chapter of fails! -5

05-01-18_10-19-41 PM.pngIt’s Kiera’s Birthday!

Claire: Finally, having 4 toddlers in the house was torture!

My sentiments exactly!

05-01-18_10-35-43 PM.pngI hate not being able to edit my pictures!

Any way Kiera is a Loner, just like her dad. She is also a Rambunctious Scamp.

And this is where I leave you. Last time I forgot to add Maxwell’s aspiration to the score so I will do that now.


Self-Wetting: 11 (-5) = -55

Pass Out: 11 = (-5) -55

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 6 (-10)= -60

Social Worker Visit : (-15)


Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 8 (+5)= 40

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 2 (+10)= 20

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 3(+5)= 15

Total: 75

Baby Boom Challenge 07


Chad — Dad, Young Adult

Lenore — Mom, Young Adult

Hero — Girl # 2, Teen

Taliesin — Boy #1, Teen

Tova — Girl #3, Child

Peter — Boy # 2, Chlid

Scarlett — Girl # 4, Child

Bran — Boy # 3, Baby

We start off the chapter with Taliesin and Lenore doing household maintenance….exciting stuff I’m sure.

03-15-18_6-01-17 PM.png Peter completes his childhood aspiration and is now working on Artistic Prodigy.

03-15-18_6-01-31 PM.pngHe is pretty talented with the basketball .

03-15-18_6-03-42 PM.pngChad’s second youth potion.

Chad: Need to stay young for all the baby making.

Lenore coughs up all her food.

03-15-18_6-20-29 PM.pngHero: So my parents are crazy. They want to have 12 girls and 12 boys. Luckily this isn’t a legacy so I’m not required to marry!

Boy from school: Wait…this isn’t a legacy house?

Hero: No, thank Plumbob!

03-15-18_6-22-43 PM.png Chad is earning these promotions rather quickly!

03-15-18_6-32-21 PM.pngSo it looks like Lenore is laying down the law on poor Tova, but really she’s just helping with homework.

03-15-18_6-35-04 PM.pngSo then the Yeti and the princess looked at eachother and said “F this” and walked into the sunset THE END.

Tova: Mom are you sure that’s the ending. It doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t the princess have her happily ever after with the prince?

Lenore: The princess is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man to be happy. Plus the Yeti is cooler so they like to hang.

Super efficient Lenore to the rescue!

03-16-18_9-32-42 AM.pngJust in time for Bran’s birthday!

03-16-18_9-39-24 AM.pngLook at him being so cute! Bran is inquisitive.

Lenore teaches Bran a few things then reads him a bedtime story.

03-16-18_9-50-07 AM.pngNext up is Tova’s birthday.

Peter: Here you go sis have some confetti.

Tova: Um thanks bro. Just don’t set my cake aflame with your confetti.

03-16-18_10-17-37 AM.pngTova rolled Neat as her new trait. And she is looking for her soulmate which makes her alluring.

03-16-18_7-13-48 PM.pngHero is working on her comedy skill. I can’t go any further with her aspiration until she is an adult.

03-16-18_7-20-00 PM.pngBran working on his communication skill like his siblings before him.

03-16-18_7-31-07 PM.pngAnd it’s Hero’s birthday!

03-16-18_7-42-22 PM.pngAnd another kid with the Loves Music trait. I think if another kid rolls loves music I’m just going to roll again.

03-16-18_7-46-01 PM.pngBailey came over to wish her sister happy birthday. These two are just so gorgeous.

03-16-18_7-52-10 PM.pngHero went to San Mysuno to see if there was any potintial spouse material, but alas the pickings were slim and Hero is a mean sim so I figure I would leave it up to story progression and moved her out.


03-16-18_8-58-39 PM.pngSince Hero moved out it’s time for some baby makin’! First try was unsuccessful but the second time was the charm.

03-16-18_9-09-56 PM.pngLenore invited Hero over to work on her portrait.

Everyone is keeping in shape.

03-16-18_10-54-57 PM.pngLenore has been working out a lot this pregnancy. Also it’s project time.

03-16-18_11-27-44 PM.pngLenore is a master in the kitchen. With all these kids someone has to be.

03-17-18_10-26-47 PM.pngSo Tova invited this guy over from school. I forgot what is name is, but Tova asked him out on a date.

They went to the spa where they had their first kiss and shared a steamy makeout session in the sauna. These two lovebirds are now going steady.

Lenore went into labor with baby #8 and Chad was feeling a little flirty. And then Chad decides that while his wife is in labor he’s going to man the front desk.

03-17-18_10-58-07 PM.pngWelcome baby girl #5 Octavia De Rolo.

03-17-18_11-22-38 PM.pngTova goes on another date with her boyfriend and Tova gives him a promise ring.

Tova: Gotta lock it down!

03-17-18_11-28-06 PM.png Now we just have to wait until Tova is an adult.

03-17-18_11-38-14 PM.pngIt’s Peter’s birthday!

03-17-18_11-50-55 PM.pngPeter is now one gloomy teen. His aspiration is computer whiz just like big brother Taliesin.

03-18-18_12-12-54 AM.pngBran is still stinkin adorable.

03-18-18_12-33-02 AM.pngSo Lenore forgot to clean the lint trap out after the last load went through so now she is paying the price. Don’t worry she extinguished herself.

I guess this is where I will leave you.

Chapter 2.1: Triple Threat

Last Time:

♦ Claire went spouse hunting and met Phillip who is an unflirty sim. Clare and Phillip spent a night of chemically induced passion together. Phillip still refuses to give Claire hugs.

♦ There were four fires, three of which happened at one party.

♦ Maxwell died but luckily for him his daughter’s best friends with the Grim Reaper so she pleaded for him to live another day. Not wanting to repeat the experience any time soon Max takes a youth potion.

♦ Miko had her elder birthday and Wash had his YA birthday and moved out.

♦ Kiera, the first baby of generation three was born!

Max: Well hello there nooboo! I’m your grandpa and I’m so happy to see you and not be six feet under. Now all I need is for you’re mother to have one more baby and then my life’s work will be complete.

12-22-17_8-32-03 AM.pngClaire, giving up on Phillip and his no touching policy, decides to ask the newly widowered Axel Caliente out on a date.

*Side Note: Axel’s mother was Dina Caliente and his father was Hugo Villareal. And his cousin is Phillip. Needless to say his family tree is a mess.

Claire: Hey there sexy! How about we ditch Windenburg and go into the city?

Axel: Sure I’d go anywhere with you.

This date is very successful, unlike the one with Phillip. Claire has her second “first kiss”.

12-22-17_8-43-26 AM.png They even get frisky at the karaoke bar, and yes I did plop down a closet just so I could fulfill Claire’s woohoo wish.

It was sometime during this date that Claire learned Axel was unflirty, yes you read correctly Axel is unflirty! Although as you can see he doesn’t seem to be as unflirty as his cousin Phillip.

Claire: Okay confetti I’m ready for you! This is very satisfying.

12-22-17_8-54-20 AM.pngClaire: Axel, guess what? I’ve some exciting news to tell you!

Axel: Um…

Claire: Oh never mind you won’t be able to guess….We’re pregnant!

Axel: *Stund and shocked*

Claire: So…you wanna move in with me?


12-22-17_9-08-17 AM.pngSo Axel moves in and he has two daughter’s, or at least I had assumed they were his daughter’s based on sharing the same last name. However they turned out to be Axel’s late wife’s kids with another man, Jefferson Ruiz, who actually turns out to be one of Claire’s co-workers.

Needless to say since they weren’t Axel’s kids I sent the girls to live with their father and his wife.

12-22-17_9-29-14 AM.pngUpon moving in Axel completes a Milestone! +5

12-22-17_9-33-46 AM.pngAnd Kiera ages up! She has her dad’s blond hair!

12-22-17_9-39-06 AM.png She’s super adorable! I know….I know I say that about every toddler I ever have. Kiera rolled the clingy trait.

12-22-17_9-47-52 AM.pngAnd here is Axel.  His traits are Lazy, Vegetarian, and Unflirty. He aspires to be a Mansion Baron. I used his adult free action to join the business career branch.

Kiera: Nom nom nom….squish squish squish….ok shows over people!

12-22-17_10-07-41 AM.pngAxel is turning out to be great ISBI spouse material. I have decided if Claire rolles a wish to marry Axel then they will get married, but for now they’re just boyfriend/girlfriend.

01-22-18_12-43-24 PM.pngSlight house makeover. I added a laundry room which I swore I took a picture of.

01-22-18_7-28-50 PM.pngClaire: blah…blah…blah….something about a dragon and a fairy…..blah…blah…okay kid go to sleep now.

Such a lovely story Claire.


01-22-18_7-52-45 PM.pngAutonomous kissing is the best!

01-22-18_7-53-32 PM.pngAxel started a fire in the fire pit and then went inside to dance. I quickly had Claire put the fire out before it could burn down the house! I mean REALLY Axel!

01-22-18_8-08-02 PM.pngI saw this glowing stump and wondered what it could be.

01-22-18_8-08-49 PM.pngI sent Claire to check it out and she dug out an alien!

01-22-18_8-09-04 PM.png Yep that’s what it said…she found an alien. I checked her inventory and it’s one of those specimen in a jar thing you can also get if you travel in the rocket ship.

01-22-18_8-08-41 PM.png While Claire is at work Axel got a promotion to Office Assistant.

01-22-18_8-12-27 PM.png Claire too got a promotion!

01-22-18_8-16-04 PM.pngOne of my favorite things about laundry in the Sims is searching for pocket change.

01-22-18_8-33-12 PM.pngREALLY Claire. Please don’t make this a habit on every chapter. -10

01-22-18_8-53-30 PM.pngI decided to update the kitchen a little bit. It of course is a work in progress.

01-22-18_9-03-59 PM.pngClaire: Oh dear! Can you wait a little bit longer nooboo? Mama has to finish an experiment.

01-22-18_9-26-35 PM.pngSo Claire had triplets…..

The first triplet is a boy named Marty (green bassinet). Marty is of course named after Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy.

Second triplet is a girl named Rose (yellow bassinet). Rose is named after Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.

And third triplet is a girl named Amy (blue bassinet). Amy is named after Amy Pond also from Doctor Who.

01-22-18_9-28-36 PM.pngClaire: So I had triplets. I’m going to take that paid family vacation after all.

When the triplets came home Axel immediately came to help. Guys I think he’s a keeper.

As a side note Phillip has yet to come over and meet is daughter Kiera.

01-22-18_9-25-06 PM.png With the birth of the triplets Max completes his aspiration! Now he can sit back and enjoy the rest of his elderhood.

Max: Does that mean I can retire?

Nope! Sorry I already used your free action.

Max: Dam it!

01-22-18_9-51-56 PM.pngZoe: Hello there great-granddaughter!

Kiera: *gasp* Don’t move…don’t move…maybe it will go away!

01-22-18_9-51-59 PM.pngI mean look at that face! She is traumatized.

01-22-18_10-06-45 PM.pngOh dear the Moon’s are visited by a dark and ominous cloud!

01-22-18_10-06-55 PM.pngThis time Grim has come for Miko.

01-22-18_10-07-26 PM.pngMax and Axel morn over the loss of Miko. Claire is getting a much needed sleep so she misses the whole thing.

01-22-18_10-10-13 PM.pngMiko joins Jude and Zoe in eternal rest. Also I put up walls around the graves so I won’t have mourning sims every 5 seconds.

01-22-18_10-12-19 PM.png This is probably one of the saddest sad moodlets I have seen.

01-22-18_10-37-59 PM.pngIn order to lessen the blow of losing a true love Max spends time with his grand-babies.

01-22-18_10-55-12 PM.png Hey guys Claire finally has the wish to marry Axel! It only took the loss of her mother to realize she wants to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves, but hey no one is perfect.

01-22-18_11-24-10 PM.pngClaire: Hey babe, recent events have made me realize that I shouldn’t wait any longer. I want to marry you, so do you wanna marry me?

01-22-18_11-24-17 PM.pngAxel: Oh my plumbob! I thought you’d never ask! Of course I will!

But before their parents can tie the knot the triplets have their birthdays.

01-22-18_11-41-32 PM.pngFirst up Marty who rolled the silly trait.

01-22-18_11-47-47 PM.pngFollowed by Rose who has the wild trait.

01-22-18_11-53-19 PM.pngLastly but not least is Amy with the angelic trait. And yes I gave all of them freckles.

So that’s it for the chapter, but before I say adieu I have some bonus pics.


Bonus Pics:

Cassandra and Josephine are now children. They are Elias’ and Lillian’s twin daughters.

Isabelle and Iliana are now teens they are identical. Lucy and Sawyer are their parents.



Self-Wetting: 9(-5) = -45

Pass Out: 10 = (-5) -50

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 6 (-10)= -60

Social Worker Visit : (-15)


Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : 1(+15)= 15

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 8 (+5)= 40

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 1(+10)= 10

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 2(+5)= 10

Total: 75

Baby Boom Challenge 06

Chad → Dad, Young Adult

Lenore → Mom, Young Adult

Bailey → Girl #1, Teen

Hero → Girl #2, Teen

Taliesin → Boy #1, Child

Tova → Girl #3, Child

Peter → Boy #2, Toddler

Scarlett → Girl #4, Toddler

01-18-18_9-50-14 AM.pngWe start off this chapter with a FIRE!

01-18-18_9-50-25 AM.pngDon’t worry, Big sis Hero to the rescue!

01-18-18_10-31-14 AM.pngUpdated kitchen. I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I’ll get there….hopefully.

01-18-18_10-34-58 AM.pngBailey invites her friend Chad over for some stargazing.

01-18-18_10-48-56 AM.pngLenore wanted a basketball hoop so I obliged her, and Taliesin is practicing his b-ball skillz.

01-18-18_10-56-14 AM.pngIt’s time for Peter to become a child!

01-18-18_11-08-16 AM.pngHere he is, so far he looks a lot like Taliesin. He is a rambunctious scamp with the gloomy trait, which I think fits with his toddler fussy trait.

01-18-18_11-10-59 AM.pngPeter: Arg! I’m the Dread Pirate Peter the scourge of the seven seas!

Peter finished his first Milestone, yay!

01-18-18_11-30-46 AM.png Promotion! I think when Chad is done with his current aspiration I will have Lenore go to work and Chad be a stay at home dad.

01-18-18_11-31-58 AM.png Look at those guns!

01-18-18_12-00-22 PM.pngBailey’s first kiss! How romantic there is a stinky bowl in the room.

01-18-18_12-02-04 PM.pngBefore Chad has a chance to escape home I have Bailey ask him to be her boyfriend. He said yes by the way. I wasn’t until much later that I realized both her boyfriend and her dad had the same first name.

01-21-18_4-56-04 PM.pngThe bathroom is a mess, but hey we now have laundry!

01-21-18_4-59-25 PM.pngFirst load of the game!

01-21-18_5-31-36 PM.pngLenore’s first youth potion.

01-21-18_5-34-31 PM.pngBailey: Hey bea, it’s my birthday you wanna come over to celebrate!

01-21-18_5-39-38 PM.pngBut first we age up Chad. I just love his expression!

01-21-18_5-40-34 PM.pngNext up is our birthday girl!

Before I give the couple a makeover Bailey proposes!

01-21-18_6-37-48 PM.pngShe is super pretty! Her final trait is Neat, just like her mom. I think she reached level 7 or 8 in her athletic skill.

After the makeover Bailey and Chad elope. And then Bailey moves out with her hubby to Willow Creek. They live in a house with Chad’s mom Priscilla.

01-21-18_7-04-33 PM.pngAnd of course with an extra space in the household Lenore and Chad try for a baby.

01-21-18_7-13-08 PM.pngThe first time was unsuccessful but the second was.

01-21-18_7-20-34 PM.png Tova completes her aspiration and now is working on Whiz kid…I believe.

01-21-18_8-51-42 PM.pngAnd another birthday! This time it’s Taliesin!

01-21-18_9-03-13 PM.pngHere he is! He received the Genius trait with the computer whiz aspiration.

01-21-18_9-08-59 PM.pngBailey came over for a visit.

01-21-18_9-23-53 PM.pngHer portrait is now added to the wall. 01-21-18_9-41-53 PM.pngI added an actual laundry room. It’s one of the pre-made rooms but I re-colored the room.

Bathroom learning with dad, it’s pretty magical.

01-21-18_9-57-14 PM.pngLook out! Wild child alert!

01-21-18_10-05-04 PM.pngThis isn’t the first time the washer broke, but it is the first time it overflowed.

01-21-18_10-20-30 PM.pngProject time again. This time Taliesin conned his best friend, Seji, to help him.

01-21-18_10-51-36 PM.pngAnd it’s Scarlett’s birthday! I used the low carb cake this time.

01-21-18_11-00-28 PM.pngAnd here is beautiful Scarlett. She is a rambunctious scamp with a Mean streak. This should be fun.

01-21-18_11-05-04 PM.pngMom and daughter spend the day together. They even go over to Bailey’s house but she was at work.

Then Lenore went into Labor!

01-22-18_8-45-37 AM.pngWe have a boy! Meet Bran De Rolo baby boy #3. And where was Chad during all of this?

01-22-18_8-46-14 AM.pngWatching tv in the lobby. That’s what his action que said, but when I looked the tv was off.

Anyway I’ll leave the chapter here. I’m excited to see what story progression has in store for Bailey. I do want to get Bailey up on the gallery but I’m debating to wait until some of her siblings age up and move out.


Chapter 2.0: The Trials and Tribulations of Claire Moon

Last Time:

• Wash had his teen birthday.  • Ryder had her YA birthday, Married Maureen Kibo, and moved out.

• Max had his Elder birthday  • Claire had her YA birthday and is now Torch Holder!

So basically lots of birthday’s  happened last chapter. So let’s move on to the reign of Claire Moon!

12-20-17_11-22-33 PM.pngClaire decides to head out on the town in search of love. This guys cute but married, moving on!

12-20-17_11-24-19 PM.pngLittle known fact: Claire loves Karaoke.

12-20-17_11-28-12 PM.pngI didn’t know you could do this but Claire is fixing this box and she got a snowglobe out of it.

12-20-17_11-33-20 PM.pngClaire: Check this out Grim

Grim: Hahah who know cat videos could be so entertaining!

12-20-17_11-39-55 PM.pngGrim: Thanks for giving more insights into the sim condition.

Claire: Oh cool, come here bestie!

Grim: I’m not sure what a bestie is but free hugs are always appreciated.

12-20-17_11-44-13 PM.pngClaire also said her cousin Harley at the park.

12-21-17_7-36-09 PM.pngWASH REALLY?! RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR BED! -5pts

12-21-17_7-37-03 PM.pngWash: Yeah I think I need more coffee.


In real life I love coffee, coffee is life. In the sims it’s the devil’s work! Especially in an ISBI.

12-21-17_7-56-56 PM.pngHey remember last chapter when the family went to the Romance festival? This was the guy that threw petals on Ryder and then walked off.

Claire is obviously impressing him with her funny faces. Her romancing game is clearly on point.

12-21-17_7-57-19 PM.pngHis name is Phillip Bjergsen and so far Claire has learned he is Unflirty. *facepalm* This could take a while.

If you’ll notice through the door window Miko is unimpressed with her daughter’s game.

12-21-17_7-57-36 PM.pngMiko: Hey kids how’s things going?

Phillip: Your daughter is hilarious!

Claire: Mom, what are you doing?

Miko: Can’t a mother want to spend some time with her daughter and potential son in law

Phillip: What?!     Claire: MOM!

By the end of the night Claire also learned Phillip is Evil and a Loner.

12-21-17_7-59-49 PM.pngClaire: So now that we’re friends can I get a hug?

Phillip: No touching! I don’t like to be touched.

Max: Yeah, he’s going to live a lonely life.

12-21-17_8-12-39 PM.pngAt work Claire hatches a plan…

12-21-17_8-23-18 PM.png Claire also gets a promotion. Let’s see if her plan with Philip will be just as successful.

12-21-17_8-28-00 PM.pngThough Phillip is unflirty he actually asked Claire out on a date. Go figure.

12-21-17_8-29-07 PM.pngClaire: Hey I just made this…drink at work. It’s supposed to boost…um…confidence.

Phillip: I could use a bit of confidence.

12-21-17_8-29-13 PM.pngPhillip: Well here goes nothing.

12-21-17_8-33-47 PM.pngThese two had their first kiss in a bathroom. Classy.

Claire: Hey you wanna get out of here and come back to my place?

12-21-17_8-42-26 PM.pngYep Phillip definitely got a confidence boost all right….

12-21-17_8-42-40 PM.pngMiko: That’s my girl!

Yeah not creepy at all Miko.

12-21-17_8-42-55 PM.pngMiko: Just sticking around a little while to make sure he doesn’t wuss out at the last minute.

Miko you have gotten majorly creepy in your old age.



Claire: Is this what happens when you find out you’re pregnant? I should get pregnant more often if I get streamers!

12-21-17_9-04-10 PM.pngClaire: Hey dad, guess what? You’re going to have another grandkid!

Max: That’s great Claire. If you make it twins I’ll complete my aspiration sooner. You know I’m not getting any younger.

12-21-17_9-06-09 PM.pngClaire: Hey their boo. I have some exciting news to share.

12-21-17_9-06-16 PM.pngClaire: *squeels* We’re pregnant!


Phillip: I don’t remember much of last night….but hey I knocked up a lady. My dad said I would never know the love of a woman…well suck it dad!

12-21-17_9-08-13 PM.pngClaire: Let’s take a picture of this moment.

After the picture Claire went off to work.

12-21-17_9-30-56 PM.pngHowever Phillip asked Claire out on an outing after work.

Claire: Hugs?

Phillip: No!

Claire: Seriously we been much more intimate than a hug. We’re about to have a baby for Plumbob’s sake!

Needless to say Phillip spent most of the outing hiding in the bathroom while Claire talked to other sims.

12-21-17_9-53-01 AM.pngI built this in hopes that my NTH would stop mourning every five seconds, put a gate and locked it but still they mourned. I need actual walls!

12-21-17_9-53-36 PM.pngWash joins his siblings in Young Adulthood. Sorry I forgot.

12-21-17_9-59-36 PM.pngThis has not been an easy pregnancy for Claire.

12-21-17_10-04-10 PM The next day at work Claire learns that her co-worker married her cousin Dorian.

So it was here that I realized that my photos were out of order…I fixed it but there are so here are some important things that happened.

  1. Three fires happened at one party! Yes THREE -30!

  2. 12-21-17_12-45-13 PM.pngMiko had her elder birthday.
  3.                                                                                                                                                            12-21-17_12-46-44 PM.pngClaire completed a milestone +5 wich in the grand scheme of losing 30 points is not much.

Now that we’re caught up let’s get back to it.

12-21-17_10-24-43 PM.pngNo Max! Don’t leave us!

12-21-17_10-25-55 PM.pngLuckily Claire is besties with the angel of Death so Max lives to see another day!

12-21-17_10-27-01 PM.pngMax: Woah, being dead is a kick in the pants!

12-21-17_10-33-21 PM.pngMax: I’m not to kene on repeating the experience any time soon.

I used Max’s elder free action to drink a youth potion. I meant to do this before but I forgot.

12-21-17_11-02-45 PM.pngREALLY CLAIRE! -10

Claire: Oh man I’m glad you’re here Phillip!

Phillip: All this stress is giving me a headache. Time to bounce!

Claire: Wait, What?!

12-21-17_11-29-56 PM.pngSo Claire spent hours at the hospital and no birth. So I sent her home.

12-21-17_11-44-17 PM.pngWelcome baby Kiera. Named after Kiera Cameron from the show Continuum. A show about a time traveling cop.

This generation name them is Time Traveling/Adventuring.

Extra Bits:

Isabell (left) Iliana (right) Bheeda are now children. They are Lucy’s girls.

Zara, Elias’ step-daughter is a child. And Elias and Lillian had twins Cassandra (left toddler) and Josephine (right).

12-21-17_10-39-31 PM Max is now immortalized +5. I love his victory pose!


Self-Wetting: 9(-5) = -45

Pass Out: 10 = (-5) -50

Failing School: 0 (-5)= 0

Negative Traits Earned by NTHs: (-5)

Accidental Deaths : (-10)

Fires : 5 (-10)= -50

Social Worker Visit : (-15)


Single Birth : 5(+5)= 25

Twins : 2(+10)= 20

Triplets : (+15)

Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 7 (+5)= 35

Any sim in the household completing Aspirations : 1(+10)= 10

Skills maxed by NTH family members : 1 (+10)= 10

NTH children earning an A in school :6 (+5)= 30

Positive Traits Earned by NTH: 4 (+5)= 20

NTH sims reaching the top of a career : (+10)

Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 2(+10)= 20

Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 1= 10(+10)

Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1(+20)=20

Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 2(+5)= 10

Total: 45